November 28, 2007


I’m hardly one of McCain’s people. Before tonight, I could only vote for McCain, Ron Paul, or Mike Huckabee. But tonight, it was clear to me that McCain impressed the most.

And of course, the most dynamic moment tonight was the homosexual 40 year veteran asking whether gays in the military should be condoned by the Republican candidate.

Dynamic, yes. But also a planted question, it appears. Once again, CNN demonstrates an inexplicable failure to background-check pro-Hillary questioners.

UPDATE: Some advice for CNN.

ANOTHER UPDATE: It’s not just Hillary: “Oh, my tireless colleague Avi Zenilman back at Politico World HQ does an insta-search on Kerr and discovers he was on the Steering Committee of ‘Veterans for Kerry.'”

This — like the Hillary connection — doesn’t undercut the question. (I’m in favor of gays in the military). But it does make CNN look bad for failing to disclose easily-available information about this guy.

MORE: An on-air apology from Anderson Cooper, saying that CNN didn’t know that Gen. Kerr was on Hillary’s steering committee: “If we had known that we would have disclosed it before using the question, if we used the question at all.”

Suckered by Hillary, again. Try Google, next time. It’s not that hard!

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