February 28, 2007

JAMES LILEKS IS WITHOUT INTERNET AT HOME, and doesn’t entirely mind:

At this moment I’m back at the coffee shop where I filed two pieces yesterday morning, then returned at 7 PM to file another. I’ve caught up on everything I need to read, and have realized that I do not have to check sites nine times every ten minutes. I can catch up Achewood (always brilliant, but I loved this) and the rest of my imaginary friends, and then I can close the machine and do something else. It’s remarkable the things you can get up to, once you leave the house.

I’m enjoying a bit of that, using the “scheduled posting” feature of Movable Type to let me stay away from the computer for longer periods. It is kind of nice. And useful, since I was busy doing stuff like checking in with the Insta-Mother-in-Law at the rehab center.

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