February 10, 2007


Hatala brought the findings to court to challenge his ticket.

“Becomes pretty clear that it wasn’t your vehicle that was speeding,” the judge said.

He didn’t have to argue much. Pohlman said the court admitted the ticket was issued to the wrong car, in the wrong lane.

“So based upon the testimony provided we are going to find you not liable for this violation,” the judge said.

Pohlman reported a different problem at that same location on Chester Avenue at East 71st Street.

Bill and Sue Faber of Massillon said they haven’t been in Cleveland for six months, but the city sent them a ticket.

“No way we could be in Cleveland,” Faber said.

“Do you have witnesses for that?” Pohlman asked.

“Yes, we do,” Faber said.

Yet Cleveland sent the ticket showing a car speeding, but the plate belongs to the Faber’s truck.

Pohlman said you can’t read the license in the picture at all. He said it appears Cleveland guessed and sent the ticket anyway.

“I always thought we were always innocent until proven guilty and now I find it’s guilty until I can prove I’m innocent,” Faber said.

These things are all about revenue.

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