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Terrorists Attack Coptic Church South of Cairo, at Least 10 Reported Dead

At least 10 people are dead -- including churchgoers and policemen who were guarding the church -- and 10 more are wounded after terrorists attacked the St. Mina Coptic Church in Helwan south of Cairo today:

There are reports of a second attack on a Christian-owned business in Helwan that killed two, according to the Coptic Church. The dead range in age from 43 to 90.

Security forces were already on alert for possible attacks on churches and other Christian sites around Egypt in the approach to the January 7 celebration of Christmas per the Coptic Orthodox calendar.

According to local reports, gunmen on a motorcycle drove up to the security checkpoint at the St. Mina Church and opened fire. Two policemen were killed. Police reportedly defused two IEDs at the scene.

Video of the attack shows locals defending the church with a policeman injured or dead at his post. One of the gunmen appears later in the video (~1:30):

One of the gunmen was shot and killed, and the other was captured. Video shows one of the gunmen shot and severely injured.

As a security precaution, the other churches in Helwan were closed.

This attack comes just a week after hundreds of locals stormed and ransacked a Coptic church in a village in the Giza Governorate in response to rumors that the church was going to install a bell -- a violation of Islamic law.

It has been a bloody year for Egypt's Coptic Christian community.

Last December during an Advent service, a suicide bomber ran into the Two Saints Church just yards from the Coptic cathedral in Cairo. He detonated his bomb in the women's section of the church, leaving 29 dead -- all but one women and girls.

ISIS claimed credit for the Two Saints Church bombing. The suspect had previously been arrested as a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Back in May, I reported here at PJ Media on my visit to the Two Saints Church as it was still being restored:

As I reported back in October, a Coptic priest from Upper Egypt who was in Cairo raising donations for was murdered in broad daylight.

Just hours before the beginning of Ramadan this year, a busload of Coptic pilgrims headed towards a desert monastery were stopped by gunmen and summarily executed. The gunmen killed 31, including children.