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Stabbed in the Back: Western Elites Still Treating Jihad as Mental Illness

It’s not as if there hasn’t been all kind of Islamic mischief in the center of Oslo. On January 8 and 10, 2009, hundreds of Muslims wreaked havoc on the city’s main drag, Karl Johan, requiring police to use tear gas and leading to 194 arrests. For years, the quiet downtown streets and the charming little park in which the Royal Palace is located have been the settings of late-night Muslim gang rapes. And so on.

But residents of the Norwegian capital have grown used to the relative comfort of knowing that the overwhelming majority of the assaults, car-burnings, robberies, acts of vandalism, and the like carried out by the city’s Islamic youth gangs tend to occur miles away from the center of town, in the immigrant-heavy Grorud Valley to the east, where most well-heeled Oslo residents have little reason to venture.

So it does come as something more of a surprise when some Koran-inspired bit of unpleasantness occurs closer to the heart of the metropolis. Hence the more than ordinary amount of attention being accorded to a stabbing that occurred at around one in the afternoon last Thursday in a Kiwi grocery store on Møllergata, a rather trendy street that isn’t in the very best part of town but is close enough to make locals sit up and take notice.

The victim was a 25-year-old woman who was waiting in line at the cashier’s to pay for her purchases. A young man, it was reported, walked right up to her, pulled a knife out of a bag, and, holding its handle with both hands, plunged it into her back. He appeared to be preparing to stab her again, but instead assaulted a Kiwi employee (who had perhaps tried to intervene, and who fortunately emerged unharmed). He then took it on the lam, only to be stopped and arrested by police a few hundred yards from the scene of the crime.

The first news reports stated that the perpetrator was a twenty-year-old Russian who had entered Norway that very same day, having entered it through Sweden. My first guess was that “Russian” in this case meant “Chechen.” Later reports explained that he’s from Bashkortostan, a state located in southwestern Russia near its border with Kazakhstan.

Bashkortostan? No, I never heard of it either. But it turns out to have a population of four million, making it almost as big as Norway. And its principal religion is -- guess what? -- Islam.

By way of removing all doubt about the motive for his barbaric act, the perpetrator was quick to inform the police who captured him that his assault on the innocent grocery-store shopper was an act of Islamic terror, plain and simple, and that he had planned to kill several more infidels but had simply not managed to pull it off. On Saturday it was reported that he had said that “all Christians must die.”