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Is the Freedom of Speech Dead in Britain?

Former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson, outside Airdrie Sheriff Court after Mark Meechan was fined 800 pounds for an offense under the Communications Act for posting a YouTube video of a dog giving Nazi salutes. Monday, April 23, 2018. (Andrew Milligan/PA Wire)

Last week, British police made two arrests that may come to signify nothing less than Britain’s demise as a free society.

On Friday, activist Tommy Robinson was arrested outside a courthouse where the trial of a Muslim rape gang was taking place. Tommy was discussing Britain’s rape gang crisis on a livestream when the arrest took place (as shown in this video). Police said he was arrested for “breaching the peace,” but it was patently obvious that he was arrested for “offending Islam.”

A judge then imposed a gag order — on the media.

Obviously, they know how bad this makes the British justice system look. But soon after Tommy was arrested, Caolan Robertson of Rebel Media posted — and then removed because of the gag order — a tweet saying: “Tommy Robinson has just been given a 13 month prison sentence starting now for his livestream today. This is a death sentence for tommy [sic]. He is going to die in jail. This has to be stopped.”

Tommy Robinson seems to have been arrested, tried, and sentenced all in the same morning. He was given this harsh sentence because he was deemed to have violated the terms of an earlier probation, which apparently included a prohibition on making videos outside courthouses. But the prohibition on him doing that was outrageous and politically motivated in the first place. Clearly he was arrested, rather than simply given a warning, because of who he is and what he does. His arrest was of a piece with the government’s desire to keep people ignorant and complacent regarding Muslim rape gangs and the high cost of mass Muslim migration.

The 13-month sentence Tommy received could likely result in his demise.

Like Britain First leader Paul Golding, Robinson will likely be placed in the general prison population, which is dominated by violent Muslims who will be quite happy to dispatch him to face Allah’s judgment.

This case is much bigger than Tommy Robinson. Whatever one may think of him and his work, style, or approach, he is being harassed and persecuted by the British government for calling attention to the activity of Muslim rape gangs — which British authorities have done everything they could to cover up — and to jihad violence and Sharia oppression in general.

The second arrest, as captured in this video, was that of a middle-aged woman named Amy who was arrested on Wednesday at her home. Amy began filming the officers with her phone as police demanded she let them in.

Amy asked them if she was going to be arrested and asked them what the charge was; they refused to answer. They simply repeated their demand that she let them in, threatening to break down the door if she did not. Amy’s confusion and fear at being confronted by police at her door at nine o’clock in the morning are palpable.

When she does open the door, she is told she is under arrest. A young male policeman bellows: “Do not resist us!” He and his female partner roughly handcuff Amy and lead her away.

This arrest may have happened, at least in part, because last month, Amy confronted London police in Hyde Park — as you can see in this video — where Muslims were placing down their prayer mats on the walkways and conducting public prayer. She pointed out to them that it was against the law to hold public prayers in parks, but police responded only with obfuscation and indifference.

However, Amy wasn’t arrested for embarrassing the London police. At least not officially. As you can see from yet another video, she was arrested for “homophobia,” not “Islamophobia.”

Apparently Amy said “Have a gay day” to a gay rights activist who confronted her, and is being charged with assault for pushing him away. An assault charge, given that Amy is hardly an imposing physical presence and walks with a cane, is absurd and obviously trumped-up.

Amy’s arrest seems to indicate that British police are now arresting people for having  “unacceptable” opinions. It appears as if Britain is now fully a police state, in which people can be arrested and brutalized on nebulous “hate” charges, and have no rights, no recourse.

Given the fact that Theresa May’s government is eagerly Sharia-compliant, it is entirely possible that Amy was targeted also for reminding police of the law forbidding public prayer in parks, or for “Islamophobia” in general. If she wasn’t, such arrests are coming, and coming soon.

The British government, in arresting Tommy Robinson and Amy, is showing itself willing to incarcerate people for having opinions that it considers unacceptable. That heralds the death of Britain as a free society and the beginning of an authoritarian police state there — unless this slide to totalitarianism is stopped now. British public figures, whatever criticism they have leveled against Tommy Robinson in the past, must call for him to be freed today, or else they expose themselves as supporting the degeneration of Britain into a police state.

These videos ought to shock the world and lead to an international denunciation of Britain’s slide into totalitarianism, and to calls for it to respect the human rights of all its citizens — not just Muslims. They won’t, though. Because Amy and Tommy are just “Islamophobes,” and so am I, and such people have no rights that the political and media elites feel bound to respect.

If there are any future generations of free Britons, they will curse the name of Theresa May as the attempted destroyer of free Britain. These arrests could serve as the epitaph of that green and pleasant land.