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Popularity of the Name ‘Muhammad’ in Europe Is an Element of Jihad

Muhammad is slowly gaining ground against the infidels -- and in their own homelands. As one recent report notes, the German city of Bremen is the first in the country for which it is the most popular name for newborn boys.

It’s the same in other Western European cities. “Mohammed [is the] most popular name for newborn boys in the Netherlands for second year in a row,” reads another recent report.   Muhammad is also the most popular name in England. In fact, Muhammad is one of the most popular names throughout Northwest Europe; where the name is not most popular, it is among the tops: “Mohammed is already the 3rd most popular baby name in Vienna.”

While this may seem innocuous enough -- what’s in a name? -- the fact is many Muslims see their offspring as their contribution to the jihad, the “struggle” to make Islam supreme, since more numbers equate more influence and power. The popularity of “Muhammad” is not a fad, but a message from the parents (usually the father) concerning whom they most revere and hope their sons emulate: the founder of Islam/jihad.

Although the original, historic jihad was straightforward warfare on the infidel to make Islam supreme, the ulema articulated a variety of other jihads, all of which work to the same end. As with jihad al-lisan (literally tongue, meaning propaganda, apologias, polemics, etc.) and jihad al-mal (monetarily or materially supporting jihadis, including through zakat), so too jihad al-wilada (or childbearing) is seen as a way to contribute to the “struggle” to make Islam supreme.

This can be achieved with either infidel or Muslim women.  As an example of the first, a Muslim imam was videotaped saying European men lack virility, so their women seek fertility among Muslim men:

We will give them fertility! We will breed children with them, because we will conquer their countries! Whether you like it or not, you Germans, Americans, French, and Italians and all those akin to you [Western people] -- take in the refugees. For soon we will call them [and their European-born sons] in the name of the coming caliphate! And we will say to you, "These are our sons."

That some Muslim men operate along this logic is evident. The diary of Patrick Kabele, an African Muslim man who was living in and arrested in Britain for trying to join the Islamic State with his primary motive being to purchase a nine-year-old sex slave, contained references that only like-minded Muslims would understand. In an effort to use European women as incubators and “breed children with them,” Kabele noted that he had been “seeding some women over here, UK white.”

He added: “I dont [sic] kiss anymore.”

Unlike straightforward mating, kissing is deemed an intimate act, and Muslims, in keeping with the doctrine of al-wala’ wa al-bara, must never be intimate with, and certainly not love, non-Muslims -- even when married to them. However, they can have carnal relations with them.