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BREAKING: Fatal Shooting Near Christmas Market in Strasbourg Now Considered Terror Attack

Strasbourg, the home of the European Parliament, is on lockdown and streets around the city center are blocked off as police hunt for a shooter who opened fire near the city’s famed Christmas market, which began in 1570 and is the oldest known Christmas market in Europe.

French press are reporting four dead and eleven injured in the shooting.

Multiple news agencies are reporting that the shooting is now being considered a terrorist attack by French prosecutors.

French media is reporting that the shooter, identified as 29-year-old Cherif Chekkat, a French national of Moroccan descent, remains at large.

A statement by local French police says the shooter is from the notorious Neuhof neighborhood, a hub of Islamist radicalization and a known “no-go” zone.

It also states that he was categorized on their terror watch list as “fiche-S,” meaning known to be a radicalized militant.

Media reports indicate that the suspect avoided police that were serving an arrest warrant on him this morning, and that grenades were found at his home.

The French Interior Ministry has directed residents to remain inside their homes and to not travel outdoors while the gunman is sought.

The following video shows people fleeing the area and what appears to be one of the shooting victims:

Since the terror attack on the Christmas market in Berlin two years ago that killed twelve people and injured another 56, European authorities have heightened security at Christmas markets and related events across the continent as I’ve reported here at PJ Media.