Homeland Security

Two Americans Stabbed by Afghan Man at Amsterdam Train Station

The U.S. ambassador to the Netherlands reports that the two victims of yesterday’s stabbing at the Amsterdam Central Train Station by an Afghani man were Americans.

A statement released by Ambassador Pete Hoekstra thanked Dutch authorities who aided the victims and who quickly captured the suspect.

The stabbing happened around noon Friday. The suspect, a 19-year-old Afghan man with a German residency permit, was shot by police at the scene and taken into custody.

Authorities say that the injuries to the two American victims are not severe.

Dutch police have said that they are investigating the incident as a possible terror attack.

Among the motives being investigated is that the stabbing was in response to a call on Thursday by the Taliban to take action against the Netherlands in order to retaliate against a planned Muhammad cartoon contest inside the Dutch Parliament sponsored by controversial political leader Geert Wilders.

The Taliban also threatened Dutch NATO troops stationed in Afghanistan.

Wilders called off the planned event after the threats, following large protests in Pakistan.

Earlier this week a Pakistani man was arrested in Holland for threats he made against Wilders in a Facebook post.

A Muhammad cartoon contest event in Garland, Texas, at which Wilders was the keynote speaker, was targeted by two ISIS supporters in May 2015.

The two men, Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi, were killed by police at the scene.

As I reported here at PJ Media, the two suspects were being followed by an undercover FBI agent to the event, following directly behind the terrorists’ vehicle and taking pictures just seconds before the attack.

The undercover agent had been in direct contact with the two terrorists in the days and weeks leading up the event, even encouraging the pair to “tear up Texas.”

However, the FBI and Department of Homeland Security said days before the event that they didn’t anticipate any attacks inside the U.S. because of the event.

Jihadist chatter about the Garland event was sparked by a demand by two Muslim U.S. congressmen — Keith Ellison and Andre Carson — who asked the State Department to prohibit Wilders from entering the country to attend the event.