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Swedish Synagogue Firebombed in Apparent Terror Attack After Anti-Semitic Incidents in Malmo and Stockholm

An apparent terror attack occurred overnight in Sweden’s second largest city, as a mob of masked men firebombed a synagogue in Gothenberg during a youth event.

This happened just a day after Palestinian protesters in Malmo, Sweden’s third largest city, shouted “Shoot the Jews” and chanted taunts about killing Jews.

Sweden has been leading the international diplomatic effort against President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, which was announced last Wednesday.

JTA reports that at least a dozen masked men approached the synagogue last night and hurled firebombs as synagogue officials rushed the youths gathered inside into the basement until police arrived.

According to one Jewish community official, rains prevented the fire from spreading and causing more damage.

The Local-Sweden reports that at least three of the attackers were arrested by police this morning.

No motive has been identified for the attack, but The Local reported anti-Semitic incidents in Malmo and Stockholm over the weekend during protests against the U.S. recognition of Jerusalem.

According to Sveiriges Radio, protesters in Malmo chanted: “We have announced the intifada from Malmo. We want our freedom back, and we will shoot the Jews.”

Video of the event also shows the crowd being led in the “Khaybar, Khaybar” chant calling for the genocide of Jews:


The Anti-Defamation League explains the genocidal nature of the Khaybar chant:

A report on Al Jazeera in Arabic yesterday described “Khaiber” as “the most important feature of the Islamic-Jewish fight. Muslims always raise its name in their rallies against Israel because it constitutes a memory of a harsh defeat for the Jews who lived in the Arabian Peninsula during the time of prophet.”

The story of “Khaiber,” according to most Islamic sources, ends with the execution of thousands of Jews, including women and children. Protesters at anti-Israel rallies around the world, including the U.S., often evoke this battle in their chants to galvanize supporters.

Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström denounced the Gothenberg terror attack and the incident on Friday in Malmo in a tweet earlier today:

And yet Wallström has been leading the charge against the U.S. recognition of Jerusalem at the United Nations in recent days.

The American Jewish Committee also charged that their warnings to Wallström about the increase of anti-Semitic incidents in Sweden went unheeded.

Following last night’s attack in Gothenberg, an unsigned editorial in Expressen attributed the rise in antisemitism in Sweden to immigration from countries where antisemitism in prevalent, namely the Middle East.

Yair Rosenberg at Tablet records just some of Sweden’s anti-Semitic incidents in recent years:


According to a recent report from the Pew Center, Sweden’s Muslim community accounts for 8.1 percent of the country’s total population. In some cities, such as Malmo, Muslims represent more than 20 percent of the population.

I reported here at PJ Media back in July about comments made by Sweden’s spy chief that the number of ISIS supporters in the country had increased ten-fold in recent years.