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How NOT to Respond to a Church Shooting Massacre

Details are just emerging from the horrific church shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas, where as many as 26 worshipers were killed by a gunman and 20 more injured earlier today.


Predictably, the same politicians, media personalities, actors, commentators and social media celebrities who after the terror attack in New York City just a few days ago warned about politicizing the tragedy are now rallying to politicize today’s incident.


The go-to whipping boy after tragic events like this is, of course, the NRA:

“Not all Muslims,” but “it’s every NRA member.”

Democrat Congressman Ted Lieu started off well…

But he couldn’t let the opportunity pass:


Then we had the attacks on “thoughts and prayers”:

How can professional comedians be so unfunny?

And the mindless attacks on the victims:


No shooting tragedy can pass without the attacks on the gun industry and calls for more government regulation.


Perhaps the worst is the obligatory race baiting:

Of course, motive is at the very heart of federal charges of terrorism.

CNN has already covered itself in glory by having one of its guests push out a well-known 4Chan hoax:

Again, the same crowd who complained about politicizing tragedies just a few days ago had no problem immediately politicizing this tragedy.

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