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New York City Terror Attack Is Confirmed as 'Known Wolf' Terrorism ... Again

Yesterday, I was providing live updates here at PJ Media on what was known about the terror attack in New York City that killed 8 people and injured 15:

Now, law enforcement sources are telling the media that the attacker, Uzbekistan native Sayfullo Saipov, was previously known to authorities for his direct ties to other terrorism suspects under investigation. This makes the attack yet another case of what I have termed “Known Wolf” terrorism. Virtually every terror attack carried out in the United States in recent years was committed by individuals already known to authorities:

ABC News is reporting that Saipov was questioned by Homeland Security in 2015:

The suspected New York City attacker, Sayfullo Saipov, was interviewed in 2015 by federal agents in the Department of Homeland Security Investigations Unit about possible ties to suspected terrorists, but the agents did not have enough evidence to open a case on him, laws enforcement officials tell ABC News.

Saipov’s name and address was listed as a “point of contact” for two different men whose names were entered into the Counterterrorism and Criminal Exploitation Unit’s list after they came to the United States from “threat countries,” one federal official told ABC News.

One of the two men has vanished and is being actively sought by federal agents as a “suspected terrorist.”

Why did the FBI never open a case file when they knew he was directly tied to two terrorism targets? Doesn’t being the point of contact for two terror suspects at least warrant some degree of law enforcement attention?

And, having been questioned by Homeland Security, why wasn’t his Diversity Visa revisited?

ABC news again reports:

Investigators searching Saipov’s online activities have found social media links to people who are or were subjects of terror investigations, sources said; however, it appears that the suspect found ISIS propaganda online and was not part of a terror cell.

Knowing that he was directly tied to two terror suspects, how can law enforcement conclude he was not part of a terror cell?

This is what makes Governor Cuomo’s comments calling Saipov a “lone wolf” yesterday so laughable:

Lone wolf? How much more “Known Wolf” could Saipov get?

There are now reports that he had a picture of an ISIS flag in the vehicle, as well as statements in Arabic and a pledge of allegiance to the Islamic State:

This is similar to the Edmonton terror attack just a month ago, where an ISIS flag was also found in the vehicle of the attacker.

Multiple witnesses also claimed that Saipov was shouting “Allah Akhbar” before being shot by a NYPD officer:

So we have an ISIS flag, a written pledge of allegiance to ISIS, and shouting “Allah Akhbar.”

Any yet still we can predict that there will be yet another media orgy of “missing motive” stories? Apparently so:

But we’re getting used to those by now:

Another predictable element to Islamic terror attack reporting: people from the attacker’s mosque saying they never saw him and that he wasn’t a member.

Yesterday, local media interviewed Saipov’s neighbors in the Paterson, NJ, area, who said that he regularly attended Masjid Omar in Paterson right around the corner from his apartment:

Now the mosque is claiming he never attended:

While worshipers said Wednesday that they never saw Saipov at Omar Mosque, neighbors who spoke with The Record and NorthJersey.com on Tuesday night said he and his family worshiped there.

Masjid Omar was previously targeted by the NYPD Intelligence Unit as far back as 2005 — until the unit was shut down by current NYC Mayor de Blasio.

Last month I wrote about the vehicle ramming terror attack at Ohio State University last November by Somali refugee Abdul Razak Artan. The attack was claimed by ISIS. And yet, as I noted, the media disappeared within two days after the event. New York City is the largest media market in the U.S., so this attack may not disappear so quickly — but the media narrative is already trending to send this story into oblivion.

Meanwhile, we can add yet another “Known Wolf” terror attack to the ever growing list of law enforcement and intelligence failures by Western authorities.


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