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London Tube Bomber Was Part of 'Deradicalization' Program

The UK’s “known wolf” terror problem has just gotten worse.

As I reported here at PJ Media earlier this week, the still-unnamed 18-year-old Iraqi refugee who tried to set off an IED on the London underground last Friday had been arrested two weeks before the attack at the Parsons Green station where the device went off. But today information was revealed that the bombing suspect was part of the UK’s “deradicalization” program.

The BBC reports:

The 18-year-old arrested man is thought to have lived in a foster home owned by Ronald and Penelope Jones in Sunbury-on-Thames.

He is thought to have moved to the UK from Iraq aged 15 when his parents died.

The BBC has learnt that he had been referred to an anti-extremist programme before his arrest.

It is not known who made the referral and when – or how serious the concerns were.

Sources did not name the flagship Prevent programme, but it is thought that this is the mostly likely case as the referral for help was at local authority level.

Prevent is managed and delivered locally by multi-agency teams of social workers, police officers and other specialists.

Other media are identifying the program the bombing suspect was involved with as PREVENT.

While some critics, this reporter included, have noted the ineffectiveness of the PREVENT “countering violent extremism” (CVE) program, some in the Muslim community have attacked it for “Islamophobia”:

Earlier today three other suspects were arrested, bringing the total number of arrests so far to five.

As I’ve reported, this isn’t even the first “known wolf” terror attack in the UK this year.

The suicide bomber who targeted an Arianna Grande concert in Manchester, killing 22, was already known to authorities but had been deemed “not a threat.”

One of the suspects in June’s attack at London Bridge, Khuram Butt, had not only been known to authorities as a terror risk before the attack, but had been featured in a Channel 4 documentary about ISIS supporters living in the UK.

Across Europe these CVE “deradicalization” programs have been a massive failure:


In Australia last year, one teen who was part of the government’s “deradicalization” program was arrested for plotting a terror attack.

As I reported earlier this year, the Justice Department has hired former ISIS operatives as part of its own “deradicalization” programs. But U.S. government-funded efforts have already been a failure.

A program funded by the Department of Homeland Security established in Minnesota — the state with the largest number of ISIS recruits nationwide — had one of their “deradicalizaton” program participants attempt to join ISIS.

Even worse, he was the “deradicalization” program executive director’s nephew.

After the failures of our own “deradicalization” programs, we’re now importing failed programs from Europe.

This taxpayer-funded insanity is literally getting citizens killed across Europe.

As I noted over the weekend, last Friday’s attack marked the **12th** “known wolf” attack, with 62 killed and 433 injured.

And the killing is likely to continue as long as Western governments continue to ignore the “known wolf” problem and double-down on the programs proven to be massive failures.


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