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BREAKING: Explosions at Brussels Central Station, Suspect with Explosive Belt 'Neutralized'

There are reports of two explosions at Brussels Central Station, where a man wearing what appeared to be an explosive belt has been “neutralized” in what Belgian authorities are calling a terror attack:


Local media reports indicate the suspect shouted “Allah akhbar” before being shot:

Belgian authorities won’t confirm if the suspect is dead or alive, but are saying there are no further injuries.

The Independent reports:

The main square and central station in Belgium’s capital Brussels have evacuated by place after reports of a blast.

Witnesses said La Grande Place was cleared in seconds, while others took pictures of a fire in the nearby Central Station.

Belgian media have reported a man wearing a explosive belt has been “neutralised” by police.

Local police tweeted about an “incident with an individual at Brussels Central station”.

It said: “The situation is under control but please follow the instructions [of police]”.

Just yesterday I reported here at PJ Media on an attempted attack on police in Paris.

In March 2016 I reported on the dual attacks on the Brussels Airport and the Maelbeek train station that killed 34 and wounded more than one hundred.

Last December Belgian authorities thwarted attacks during Christmas:

Going back to April, I warned of a possible “Summer of Terror.”

Much as we saw last year:

With attacks on a near-daily basis, the ‘Summer of Terror’ may already be in full swing.

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