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Latest Developments From the Manchester Bombing Investigation

Last summer, I tracked the disturbing pace of Islamic terror attacks in the West:

Are we gearing up for another “Summer of Terror”?

There’s some evidence that may be the case:


The Manchester concert suicide bombing Monday night that has already claimed the lives of 22 victims occurred in the context of considerable global terrorist activity this week:

And there have been other repercussions:

Attention is also focused on Manchester, which has become a hotbed of Islamic terrorism:


The Islamic State, which took credit for the Manchester attack, is hoping to capitalize on their success:

And polling done in 2015 finds that many UK Muslims share ideological affinity with the Islamic State:

We’re getting to know more about the victims of Monday’s bombing:


We are also beginning to learn more about the suicide bomber, Salman Abedi, the son of a Libyan refugee:

Including his trips abroad:

And possible investigative clues:


UK authorities are examining the forensic evidence from the bomb itself to gather more information:

Yesterday, the New York Times released photos of some of the forensic evidence:

This release subsequently enraged UK officials:

On Tuesday, I noted here at PJ Media that UK authorities had been aware of Abedi for quite a while, making him the most recent case of what I have termed “Known Wolf” terrorism:

Even some of Abedi’s family had warned authorities about him:



And it seems there were a number of missed or ignored opportunities.

Abedi was even on the radar of U.S. authorities:

After these types of incidents, we hear a lot about the suspect being a “Lone Wolf.” But does that term apply in this case? Yesterday here at PJ Media, Deb Heine noted that some eyewitnesses noticed a suspicious female with a backpack at the concert:

Here’s part of the interview with those eyewitnesses:

And we’re discovering that Salman Abedi was anything but a “Lone Wolf”:

It seems that, finally, the “Lone Wolf” canard has worn out its welcome:


Authorities are also looking at Abedi’s family, some of whom have spoken out since the bombing:

One area of interest appears to be his father’s ties to Libyan al-Qaeda:

It’s no surprise that the family has become persons of interest to investigators:

So much so that his father and brothers have been arrested:

We are also learning about Abedi’s mosque in Manchester, which reportedly knew about his growing extremism but did nothing:

Yet the mosque knows the true culprit for Monday’s bombing:

Why did Salman Abedi grow to hate the community that had given his family shelter and refuge?

There may be some clues in that regard as well:

With any attack of this sort, we get all manner of hot takes from the chattering class:



It’s also time to reflect on who the true threat really is:



And no terror tragedy could be complete without the endless clickbait media search for the elusive motive: