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New Terror Plots Target Christmas Events in Iraq, Philippines

This past Thursday I reported here at PJ Media on the escalating terror threats directed at Christmas events following the terror attack in Berlin on Monday night that killed 12 and injured dozens of others.

But in the past 48 hours since publishing that article we’ve seen at least two terror incidents and and three foiled terror plots all directed at Christmas events.

And as people around the world gather this evening to commemorate the birth of Jesus, security at churches and other festivities is high.

Yesterday, Tyler O’Neil reported here on the FBI and Homeland Security warning issued about lists of churches being circulated on various forums for ISIS supporters.

It seems those warnings are warranted.

Earlier today as Christians gathered to attend Christmas Eve mass, a bomb exploded at a church in the Philippines, with 13 reported injuries so far:

As Rita Katz noted a few days ago, the ISIS affiliate in the area bombed a church just last month:

And yesterday, two Christian men were killed and another injured in Baghdad by an Islamist assassin:

I should note that on Christmas Day 2013, separate explosions at three churches in Baghdad killed 37.

Since I published my previous article 48 hours ago, other planned attacks this Christmas holiday weekend have been foiled in Arizona, Germany, and Australia.

On Friday it was announced that a Phoenix-area man, Derrick Thompson aka Abu Talib al-Amriki, had been arrested for plotting an attack in support of ISIS.

According to court documents, among his recent Google searches was “midnight mass.”

Interestingly, he was charged by state authorities under a state statute instead of by federal authorities.

And in Germany, still reeling from Monday’s attack in Berlin and the subsequent manhunt that ended in Italy yesterday, two brothers originally from Kosovo were arrested for planning an attack on the largest shopping mall in Germany:

An advanced plot was also uncovered in Melbourne, Australia, involving several individuals planning a series of terror attacks across the city on Christmas Day.

On Thursday we learned that two injured victims in the Berlin Christmas market terror attack were from Texas:

And it’s not just Christians being targeted this holiday season, as the Jewish community too is being targeted during their commemoration of Hanukkah:

Meanwhile, the anti-Christmas incitement continues and not just from ISIS. There was this interfaith message from a Saudi sheikh:

May all those celebrating this weekend be safe, and have a Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!


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