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BREAKING: German Police on Manhunt For Syrian Refugee Who Planned Airport Bombing Attack

UPDATE: Police have made arrests in this case, but the manhunt for the original suspect apparently continues.

Original Post: A massive manhunt is underway in the German city of Chemnitz and the town is currently on lockdown as they seek a terror suspect who entered the country last year as a Syrian refugee.

According to reports, 22-year old Jaber Albakr was planning a bomb attack on an airport and slipped police surveillance.

This follows two previous terror attacks in Germany this past July by an Afghan refugee and a Syrian asylum seeker who was scheduled for deportation.

The Daily Mail reports:

A German city is in lockdown as armed police are hunting for a man suspected of planning a bomb attack on an airport.

The suspect has been named as Jaber Albakr – a Syrian who was under surveillance by the Federal Office for Constitutional Protection in Cologne, say reports.

He is a 22-year-old who was born in Damascus.

He is suspected of plotting a bomb attack on a German airport, according to Online Focus.

It is understood the suspect entered Germany last year with refugees from Syria.

Residents have been ordered to remain indoors as large-scale closures and evacuations take place in the town and the suspect remains at large.

Here is some video from the scene today:

Germans are already on edge from two attacks claimed by the Islamic State in July — an axe rampage on a train in Wuerzburg that injured five and a suicide bombing in Ansbach that left 15 wounded.

The Weurzburg train terror attack was committed by a 17-year old Afghan refugee who was “seeking revenge on these infidels.”

ISIS media outlets released a video of the attacker declaring allegiance to the group:

Authorities later found an ISIS flag in his apartment and evidence he had been communicating directly with ISIS operatives:

And the Ansbach suicide bomber was a 27-year old Syrian who had claimed asylum but was scheduled to be deported. He set off his bomb outside a music festival after he had been denied entrance.

ISIS claimed that attack as well:

Yet another terror-related incident by a Muslim refugee is sure to heat up the immigration debate in Germany as anti-immigration parties have gained seats in recent local and regional elections.