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Disgraced Homeland Security Adviser Mohamed Elibiary Scapegoats Egypt's Christians -- Again

Disgraced Homeland Security Adviser Mohamed Elibiary Scapegoats Egypt's Christians -- Again
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In September 2014, members of Congress were informed that disgraced former Homeland Security adviser Mohamed Elibiary was being relieved of his duties after a long series of controversies, including the fact that his tweets cheering the inevitability of an Islamic caliphate were used by ISIS supporters for recruiting purposes.


Now Elibiary has gone after Egypt’s Coptic Christian community — again — after a prominent Coptic businessman expressed support for Donald Trump. Elibiary ominously warned in a tweet today that such support would be “not good 4 Copts in Egypt.”

This is not the first time that Elibiary has attacked the persecuted Coptic Christian community.

In September 2013, Elibiary went after the Coptic Christian community for nurturing anti-Islam and anti-Muslim sentiment just a month after Muslim Brotherhood cadres had burned down 70+ Coptic churches in Egypt:

Remarkably, this incitement came only three days after his appointment by DHS as a Homeland Security fellow.

Those comments brought condemnation from Coptic authorities, including the revered Bishop Angaelos in the UK (just recently knighted by Queen Elizabeth), who expressed his astonishment that an official from the Obama administration would promote such bigotry and invite further attacks by Muslims against Christians:


Caught inciting more violence, Elibiary then claimed to be the REAL victim:

Coptic Christians are not the only ones he attacks for his claims they promote “Islamophobia.” Just last September he went after the embattled Chaldean Christians in Iraq and Syria who are actively persecuted by the Islamic State.

Elibiary is content to scapegoat Jews, too, equating arguments in favor of the Jewish state of Israel with those by ISIS for the Islamic State caliphate.

It is somewhat ironic that Elibiary, who in December 2004 spoke at a conference honoring virulently anti-American Iranian Ayatollah Khomeini (an event which the Dallas Morning News editorialized as a “disgrace”), would be throwing around terms like “Coptic Fascism,” but consistency has never been one of his strong suits. Elibiary Khomeini tributeAnd by going after the group Coptic Solidarity for the statement of Naguib Sawiris, and then warning that Sawiris’ comments would be bad for the Coptic Christians in Egypt, he is engaging in the very collective guilt that he so often rails against:



In a moment of perfect lack of self-awareness, Elibiary eschewed collective responsibility while simultaneously engaging in it.

Time has shown that Twitter has provided a platform for Elibiary to spread his bigotry and ignorance, which led to his downfall at DHS. Namely, his cheerleading for the caliphate.

As I noted at the time, Elibiary’s pro-caliphate statements were then used by pro-ISIS supporters for recruiting:


But he remains defiant, returning to the topic of the caliphate and even doubling-down on his past statements in support of such.

Despite billing himself as a staunch Republican supporter, he just can’t bring himself to support actual GOP candidates.

I reported here at PJ Media on Elibiary’s attack on LA Governor Bobby Jindal as a “bottom feeder.” I ran down some of Elibiary’s greatest hits:

    • In 2003, Elibiary was listed as a board member for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) Dallas chapter, which was founded by now-convicted Hamas operative Ghassan Elashi. In 2008, federal prosecutors declared in a federal court brief that “from its founding by Muslim Brotherhood leaders, CAIR conspired with other affiliates of the Muslim Brotherhood to support terrorists.
    • In Dec 2004, Elibiary was a featured speaker at a Dallas rally honoring the Ayatollah Khomeini as a “Great Islamic Visionary,” an event the Dallas Morning News called a “disgrace.”
    • In June 2010, he attacked the Supreme Court after they upheld the material support for terrorism statute in an op-ed for the Dallas Morning News.
    • In October 2011, I reported exclusively here at PJ Media that Elibiary had downloaded sensitive documents by the Texas Dept. of Public Safety from a secure DHS database, and then unsuccessfully tried to shop them to the media claiming then-Gov. Rick Perry was running an “Islamophobic” operation. Despite multiple claims by top DHS officials that an internal investigation exonerated Elibiary, in Sept 2013 DHS admitted in response to the Judicial Watch FOIA request that no records related to any internal investigation existed, prompting members of Congress to claim DHS was engaged in a cover-up. Texas DPS, having conducted their own investigation, severed their relationship with Elibiary.
    • After 30 million Egyptians took to the streets to remove Muslim Brotherhood president Mohamed Morsi, leading to his ouster, Elibiary added a Muslim Brotherhood logo to his Twitter avatar in solidarity with the extremist Islamic group.

So if anyone is mystified about how our national security and federal law enforcement agencies are so clueless about the threat from radical Islam after the Orlando attack, you don’t have to look any further than this disgraced former DHS adviser who was advising them on the issue.

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