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LIVE BLOG: Multiple Terror Attacks Hit Brussels, Airport and Metro Targeted

9:00a – I’m going to wrap up this live blog. Thanks for tuning in and we’ll start a new thread if events warrant. I’ll leave you with these closing thoughts:

8:50a – American Airlines says their counter at the Brussels airport WAS NOT targeted, contrary to early reports

8:45a – Official death toll at 34, but may climb higher.

8:30a – Report that an armed man was arrested at a train station in Amsterdam:

8:20a – ISIS claim of responsibility? Would not be a surprise to anyone.

8:10a – The blasts at the Brussels airport and the Maalbeek metro were just over an hour apart.




7:30a – Apparently those later reports of explosions were controlled demolitions by the bomb squad:

7:22a – Current official death toll:

7:15a – Reports indicate that there are as many as 30 dead at the Maalbeek metro with many more at the airport. Death tolls expected to rise.


6:45a – Some reports that the new explosions may be bomb squad clearing a suspicious package.

6:33a – BREAKING Reports of another explosion in Brussels near Rue De La Roi



5:55a – The American Airlines counter at the airport and metro station closest to EU headquarter were apparently targeted

5:48a – Israel has stopped all flights to Europe. Other European countries bracing for possible joint attacks.

5:35a – First video I’ve seen from the airport explosion:


5:26a – Multiple terror attacks hit Brussels this morning. Early reports are that at least one suicide bomber has hit the American Airlines counter at the airport and possible multiple explosions on the metro.