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New ISIS Threat of Knife, Gun Attacks to 'Terrorize the Crusader Nations'

An ISIS-affiliated media group followed up a recent drone-bombing threat with a new call Wednesday for Western jihadists to revert to knife and gun attacks.

The poster from Muharir al-Ansar, circulated online, declares "Terrorize the Crusader nations" over a blood-spattered background. A light-skinned male hand holds a butcher knife, as a handgun is shown below.

Days ago, Muharir al-Ansar released a poster with shadowy imagery of the 2016 Pulse nightclub attack in Orlando, along with images of a soldier and an explosive device. "Soon in your homelands," the message said.

A mid-month release from the group showed a commercial drone grasping a sizable object flying next to the Eiffel Tower, which was framed in crosshairs. A jihadist was depicted walking away.

"Await for our surprises," said the message on the poster.

In May, Muharir al-Ansar, which has been one of the active ISIS-affiliated media groups steadily crafting and circulating English-language incitement and recruitment propaganda, released an image with French President Emmanuel Macron's face, declaring "sang pour sang" -- or "blood for blood."

The group has idolized Paris native Samy Amimour, one of the 2015 attackers, who criticized those living in France who "claim to be Muslims" yet don't fight. A poster from the group issued a directive for Muslims in the West to "ANSWER THE CALL and join the caravan of martyrs."

In March, Muharir al-Ansar released an image of Spain with the order to jihadists, "If you do not have a weapon, you have a truck or knife."

This theme of using easily available weapons to inflict mass casualties has been reflected in other posters from the group, including a February picture of a white cargo truck like the one used in the Nice attack with the words, "Hit them with a truck. Kill them all."

A few days before the vehicle attack poster, Muharir al-Ansar encouraged jihadists to "break the cross." Another poster showed the White House in flames while urging would-be terrorists to attack with fire. In mid-February, Muharir al-Ansar distributed a "kill them all" poster encouraging a mass shooting in the style of the Oct. 1 Las Vegas massacre.

More recently, the group depicted the assassination of President Trump in August and September posters.