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‘Neo-McCarthyism’ Versus a Communist Chinese World Order

“Time after time I have heard people launch into a violent attack on McCarthy, and when I questioned them, I found that they had only the haziest and most inaccurate notions of what the Senator had really said and really done.” -- William M. McGovern, professor of political science at Northwestern University, anthropologist, and real-life inspiration for Indiana Jones, in 1952.


Jung Chang and Jon Halliday open their definitive 2011 biography of founding Communist Chinese dictator Mao Tse-tung (“Mao: The Unknown Story”) with a dispassionate accounting of the horrific human toll wrought by implementing Marxism-Leninism -- Communism -- in China:

Mao Tse-tung, who for decades held absolute power over one-fourth of the world’s population, was responsible for well over 70 million deaths in peacetime, more than any other 20th century leader.

A decade beforehand, Donald Trump’s 2000 “The America We Deserve” provided the best summary explication of the pro-freedom, staunchly anti-Communist ideology that animates his foreign policy considerations. As has remained his wont, Trump was especially gimlet-eyed about the danger of recalcitrant Communism in an already powerful China.

I break rank with many business colleagues and foreign policy gurus…in my unwillingness to shrug off the mistreatment of China’s citizens by their own government. My reason is simple:  These oppressive policies make it clear that China’s current government has contempt for our way of life. It fears freedom because it knows its survival depends on oppression.  It does not respect individual rights. It is still, at heart, a collectivist society . As such it is a destabilizing force in the world, and should be viewed that way.

Trump’s commonsensical concerns, as expressed in 2000, have been updated, validated, and amplified by an FBI counterintelligence report, just presented to the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday, December 12, 2018, and the scholarship of Mandarin-fluent China expert Dr. Michael Pillsbury.

Re-capitulating the yawning ideological gap between the U.S. and Communist China that was once accepted common knowledge, the 12/12/2018 FBI report noted:

It is impossible to overstate the differences between the American and Chinese systems. China is an authoritarian, one-party state where the Chinese Communist Party reigns supreme. At the Chinese Communist Party’s direction, the Chinese government dominates every facet of Chinese life, through actions such as central economic planning, Internet and media censorship, and leveraging intrusive technologies.

And this FBI report minced no words about Communist China’s current predatory economic practices—often rooted in frank espionage—to accomplish its goal of re-making the world order in a totalitarian Communist image:

The Chinese government is attempting to acquire or steal, not only the plans and intentions of the United States government, but also the ideas and innovations of the very people that make our economy so incredibly successful. The Chinese government understands a core lesson of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union: economic strength is the foundation of national power. The competition between the United States and China will be greatly influenced, if not ultimately decided, on the strength of our economies…They also aim to rewrite the rules to shape the world in their image, and they have already made progress on this front. The rules they write seek to guarantee the dominance of their businesses and root Chinese national power in the very fabric of an international system…This is not simply a competition between businesses and industries but also between governments and the ways in which they govern their societies. Make no mistake: the Chinese government is proposing itself as an alternative model for the world, one without a democratic system of government…