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Muslim Migrant Violence Comes to Maine

The migrant violence that is becoming a feature of daily life in Sweden, Germany, France and elsewhere in Europe is now coming to the United States. Did we think we would be immune?

Maine’s Sun Journal reported last week that a “melee” broke out near Kennedy Park in Lewiston, Maine, initiated by “at least two dozen teenagers, preteens and adults.” This mob was made up of Somali Muslim migrants: News Center Maine reports: “[A]ccording to family members, the fight was between white and Somali members of the Lewiston community.” Our immigration chickens are, as the Rev. Jeremiah Wright would say, home to roost.

The Sun Journal reported that the incident began when “gunfire from BB and pellet guns erupted from the open windows of a black car driving north on Bates Street.” Lewiston resident Nicholas Vinciguerra and friends “confronted the youths in the car and asked them why they had shot at them. Suddenly, the three men were surrounded by roughly 30 people swinging sticks, baseball bats, and other weapons, Vinciguerra said. ‘You could see they were swinging for the fences,’ he said.”

“They had bats and sticks and rocks and steel pipes,” said one eyewitness. “They had everything. They were just coming in by the dozens. There were maybe 30 of them and eight of us. It was just a brawl. A bloodbath.” One of the victims, a 38-year-old man named Donald Giusti, died of his injuries.

One Lewiston resident noted that there had been other incidents, but nothing had been done: “It’s like the police are scared. But they need to put a stop to it or there are going to be riots.”

Said Vinciguerra: “I just want my town to be the way it used to be, where you could go out your door and go for a walk at 9 o’clock at night and not have to worry.”

That peace is unlikely to return to Lewiston anytime soon. In response to the unrest, Lewiston Mayor Shane Bouchard is full of the usual politically correct doubletalk:

Kennedy Park is a large common space in the middle of some of the poorest census tracts in the Northeast. When you have large, diverse groups of people in the same place you are bound to have incidents. Lewiston is no different in that respect than any other medium to large city, except that Lewiston’s violent crime rate is one of the lowest in Maine.

It’s not going to stay low for much longer.

But Bouchard is full of hope. Referring to the new Somali Muslim migrant residents of Lewiston in the most delicate and indirect manner possible, he said: “Our community resource officers are reaching out to the leaders in our new Mainer community. While we are fighting a cultural barrier, outreach to these groups has been successful in the past, and we are hopeful we can make some progress.”