Homeland Security

Manhunt on in Rome for Tunisian Terrorist

Here we go again:

Counter-terror officials are hunting for Mathlouthi Atef, 42, after he was flagged up as a “possible bomber”, according to local media. A mugshot of the Tunisian suspect has been circulated over fears he could strike bars, train stations and shopping centres in Rome.

The alert came after the Italian embassy in Tunisia’s capital, Tunis, received an anonymous letter claiming a man was “ready to attack the centre of Rome.” The chilling threat was “considered reliable”, according to Rome-based newspaper Il Corriere della Citta. Another newspaper, Il Giornale, reported that Atef is already known to police for drug dealing and “other minor crimes”.

 For those of you who read Italian, La Stampa reports:

Allarme terrorismo nella Capitale. Mathlouthi Atef, tunisino di 42 anni considerato un islamista radicale, sarebbe pronto a colpire il centro di Roma. L’allerta è partita da una lettera anonima, ritenuta attendibile, recapitata all’ambasciata italiana di Tunisi. Tra i luoghi indicati come possibili obbiettivi del presunto attentatore ci sono, la metropolitana, i bar, i centri commerciali e diversi siti turistici.

Picture of the suspect at the links. He looks exactly as you might expect. Since the Hungarians closed their borders and the other Eastern European countries have made life difficult for the  culturally enriching “immigrants” and “asylum seekers,” Italy has borne the brunt of the invasion, which has been aided by a flotilla of NGO and even European military vessels, who pick up the “migrants” at sea and then ferry them right to the soft underbelly of the European Union.

A major strike on Rome has long been a Muslim goal, dating back to 846, when Arab raiders sacked old St. Peter’s. They won’t stop until they either succeed or are totally defeated.