Homeland Security

Trump's Get-Tough Policies Sending Illegals Scurrying Back to Mexico

File under “oddly enough...”

President Donald Trump’s crackdown on undocumented immigrants by federal agents is scaring some of those families back to Mexico, according to knowledgable sources in the Pueblo community. According to news reports, federal Immigration and Custom Enforcement agents were told in a February memorandum to detain any undocumented person they encountered — not just those with a criminal history or those in jails, the previous policy.

That ramped-up enforcement has reportedly led to 14 people in the Pueblo area being arrested by ICE agents this year. One of those people — 49-year-old Benito Rubio — died in a Denver hospital from undetermined causes while in federal custody after being arrested Feb. 28 in Pueblo.

Sources report that some undocumented families have left the area for Mexico rather than run the risk of having a parent arrested or even sentenced to prison for immigration violations.

No doubt this comes as a shock to the Left, which had adopted a “what are you going to do” philosophy of life that applies to just about everything. Kids are going to have sex. Criminals are going to commit crimes. Illegal aliens are going to continue to flood into the First World. Nothing can be done.

Except that something can. Parents can take charge of their teens. Society can push back, and cops can make “lifestyle crimes” arrests. And the government can defend our borders. All it generally takes is to make an example or two and the rest quickly get with the program — or get out.