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Feds Suspend Citizenship Applications, Naturalizations After Obama Admin Goof

Feds Suspend Citizenship Applications, Naturalizations After Obama Admin Goof
(Rex Features via AP Images)


The government suspended naturalization ceremonies and banned officers from approving any new applications for citizenship earlier this week after realizing its background check system was broken and ineligible people may have been slipping through, a key congressman revealed Friday.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, whose office was tipped off to the monumental error, said he was stunned by the problem — and also by the fact that the administration never bothered to inform him of it.

In the internal email Mr. Goodlatte obtained, the associate director at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services ordered all officers “not to approve or oath any naturalization cases in ELIS,” referring to the Electronic Immigration System that’s the case management system for processing applications.

“At this point we are not confident that proper FBI Name Checks have been run on certain ELIS cases. At this point we are uncertain of the scope of the problem,” Daniel M. Renaud, the associate director, said in the email.

FBI name checks are a critical part of the application process, giving immigration officers a look at potential criminal histories or other national security red flags that would make someone ineligible for citizenship.

Let’s cut the crap: the country is under sustained, targeted attack by the Islamic ummah (it doesn’t matter which “countries” the would-be citizens stem from) and the FBI can’t get its act together on background checks??

Only irregularly has the United States been, in the Leftist cliche, “a nation of immigrants.” Much of the time, in fact, we have shut our doors — not only to certain parts of the world, but to the world itself. American are under absolutely no obligation to admit anyone from anywhere. But it’s typical of the satanic Left to use our own best impulses and ideals against us.

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