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As the End Looms for Mutti Merkel, What Next?

Angela Merkel will go down in history as the woman who destroyed the Bundesrepublik Deutschland, and for absolutely no reason. The childless Ossie, with zero stake in the future of a country she was raised to loathe, opened up the heart of central Europe to Muslim “immigration” — and now, finally, the Germans have had enough:


Germany’s Angela Merkel urged European Union countries that have refused to take on a share of the bloc’s refugees to reconsider, as a new poll indicated that half of Germans don’t want her to seek another term as chancellor. “What I still say doesn’t work is for some countries to say, ‘We don’t want to have Muslims at all, even if it’s necessary for humanitarian reasons,’” Ms. Merkel said in an interview with German broadcaster ARD on Sunday.

The German chancellor just finished a week of meetings in which she met with more than a dozen leaders from across the EU. On Friday in Warsaw, she appeared alongside leaders from the Visegrad Four countries—Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary—which have criticized her open-door policy for refugees. The group has repeatedly pushed back against calls for an EU-wide refugee distribution key to share the burden of new arrivals.

Meanwhile, pressure is growing on Ms. Merkel at home. In a survey published on Sunday, the Bild am Sonntag newspaper said 50% of the 501 people surveyed said they opposed a fresh term for her when the country goes to the polls in October 2017. In turn, 42% would like the chancellor to stand again next year.

“Humanitarian reasons,” my eye. Refugees, in the World War II meaning of the word (which is the root of Europe’s understanding of the term), means displaced persons by reason of their nations’ being at war with one another. While it’s true that Islam is, and always has been, at war with the Christian West, the West has had little or nothing to do with the strife and dysfunction endemic in the Islamic world. And yet their people (Syrian doctors all, we are told) are fleeing to the West — not to “countries” of their own ummah. With the following entirely predictable results:


Indeed, Germans have now been advised to stockpile food and water as their civil society increasingly comes under random but systematic attack by hostiles, with zero pushback from the authorities:

For the first time since the Cold War the German government is advising citizens to stockpile food and water for use in a national emergency. Some opposition MPs said the new civil defence concept, to go before ministers on Wednesday, was scaremongering.

Citizens are advised to store enough food to last them 10 days, because initially a disaster might put national emergency services beyond reach. Five days’ water – two litres (half a gallon) per person daily – is advised.

The German news website Frankfurter Allgemeine (FAZ) said the new concept was set out in a 69-page German Interior Ministry document. The document said “an attack on German territory, requiring conventional defence of the nation, is unlikely”. But, it said, a major security threat to the nation in future could not be ruled out, so civil defence measures were necessary.

Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere told a group of schoolchildren that Germany must be prepared to react if water or food reserves were poisoned, or if oil and gas supplies were interrupted.

It’s long past time for the Merkel government to fall.

The result marks a drop in support for Ms. Merkel since a similar survey last November, which found that 48% of Germans opposed a fourth term for the chancellor, while 45% were in favor. Her popularity has slumped in recent weeks amid mounting criticism of her refugee policy following a series of attacks in Germany, two by asylum seekers who had pledged allegiance to Islamic State.

The chancellor has yet to say whether she will seek another term. “At no time have I said when I want or don’t want” to announce plans to run again, she said in Sunday’s television interview. “Today I don’t want to say anything more about this.”

Within Ms. Merkel’s ruling coalition, new calls for limiting the number of refugees entering Germany are also emerging. Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel, the head of Ms. Merkel’s center-left coalition partner, voiced support for a refugee cap for the first time on Sunday

“There’s something called an upper limit,” Mr. Gabriel said, speaking at an open-house event in Berlin hosted by the government. “That is the ability of our country to integrate” refugees.


The upper limit has been reached, in fact surpassed. Was noch?



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