Homeland Security

Sailor Who Violated Security Rules Pleads Hillary Defense

What’s sauce for the goose ought to be sauce for the gander, right?

A 29-year-old sailor in the U.S Navy who admitted to snapping six classified pictures of his nuclear submarine is imploring a federal court judge to treat him as leniently as Hillary Clinton.

Kristian Saucier wants to be let off with probation at his sentencing Friday, arguing that the Democratic presidential nominee is not behind bars for mishandling even more classified material. “It will be unjust and unfair for Mr. Saucier to receive any sentence other than probation for a crime those more powerful than him will likely avoid,” his lawyer, Derrick Hogan, wrote in a recent federal court filing in Bridgeport, Conn.

Yeah, well, good luck with that buddy. In Neo-Soviet America, it’s only members of the nomenklatura who get to skate; rules are for the little people.

Saucier took six photos in 2009 inside the nuclear attack submarine, U.S.S. Alexandria, that was in port in Groton, Conn. The photos were of classified and restricted areas that included the nuclear reactor. There’s no evidence Saucier ever passed the photos to anyone and the sailor said it was “silly” mistake by a then 22-year-old.

Hey, “no evidence” is practically the Clinton crime family motto. Right up there with, “You can’t prove it!”

Saucier said he snapped the photos “to one day show his family and future children what he did while he was in the Navy,” according to court documents reviewed by The Post. An FBI investigation into Clinton found 110 classified emails on her private email server while she was serving as Secretary of State. Although he called her “extremely careless,” FBI Director James Comey recommended against prosecution.

Of course he did, to his everlasting shame. Just think of how much fun we’re going to have if the #neverTrumpumpkins get their way and Hillary Rodham Clinton is inaugurated president of the United States next January. Then again, we had it coming.