Homeland Security

About Trump's 'Big, Beautiful Wall...'

The Left loves to smirk and snark at Donald Trump’s crowd-pleasing notion to implement what is supposed to be official U.S. policy and actually stop illegal immigration across the southern border. Can’t be done! they cry, as usual. Um… not so fast:

His plan has been called radical, ridiculous and “stupid” (that last bit of feedback comes from Mexico’s president). One Texas Democrat recently suggested Donald Trump take his idea to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border and shove it up his you-know-where.

But the idea of building a wall — or at least some kind of barrier — on the U.S.-Mexico border is hardly new. Over the past few decades, Congress has in fact authorized hundreds of miles of fencing along the border. True, it’s not actual brick and mortar. But if Trump gets elected president and Congress stays controlled by Republicans, it’s not hard to see how the political will is there for hundreds of miles of fence to turn into Trump’s “great, great wall.”

Well, where there’s a will there’s a way, as real Americans used to say before the baleful influence of the Frankfurt School and its satanic offspring, political correctness, took root.

Illegal immigration from Mexico had been steadily climbing in the ’90s, peaking in 2000 at 1.6 million per year, Nowrasteh said. But the 2005 to 2006 period was also a big year. More than a million people were apprehended on the border pretty much every year starting in 2004, in fact.

It’s no coincidence that that was also when a Republican-controlled Congress, with a Republican in the White House, took its first big step toward fencing off the entire border. In 2005, they passed a law that waived any legal barriers to putting up fences. If Border Patrol wanted to build a barrier that ran into conflict with, say, federal noise control or conservation laws, this new law said the fence took precedence.

The next year, Congress passed a bipartisan law requiring the Department of Homeland Security to build barriers on the border — 850 miles, in fact. Much of it was to be double-fenced, too. In the Senate, 26 Democrats voted for it, including New York’s then-junior senator, Hillary Clinton.

But since every word out of a Democrat’s mouth is spoken purely for transient political purposes, it’s no surprise that the Dowager Empress of Chappaqua and the rest of her ideological brood have now turned against national security. Meanwhile, America’s Worst Senator  — soon to be forcibly retired, one hopes — has long pretended to support the idea of protecting his own constituents while stabbing them in the back:

Read the whole thing. It’s the kind of objective journalism reporters used to do and editors used to prize, before everybody had an opinion.