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After Brussels: Open Borders? Or a Police State? Europe Must Now Choose

In the wake of the Brussels bombing, Europe now has a stark choice: close its borders or face the imposition of a police/security state to manage its transition to Euarabia. That the latter choice is the far more likely one speaks volumes about how the tenets of cultural Marxism (which were implicit in the founding the EU) have infected the European body politic. Consider this: we are actually now arguing about whether self-defense is “racist.” As I’ve often pointed out, the modern Left and Islam exist in a sado-masochistic relationship: the atheistic Suicide Cult has met the satanic Death Cult of its dreams.

One reason for the continuing importation of unassimilable and hostile Muslims — whose faith essentially demands that they hate the West — is economic:

As Belgium reels, few would dispute that its liberal immigration policies opened the door to the latest terrorist spectacular. Which raises the question why the country keeps importing so many Islamic migrants. For an answer, look to its welfare state.

Even during the recent migrant crisis, where a million mostly military-aged, single Middle Eastern and African Muslim men overran Europe’s borders, Belgium was one of the softer European Union states on the issue, its officials defending the migrants’ right to come no matter what their crimes, sexual depredations or inability to assimilate.  Belgian officials have been pretty open about wanting more immigrants.

The answer is in the need to stoke the country’s welfare state. According to 2014 OECD data, Belgium has the continent’s third-highest level of public social expenditure –29.4% of GDP. Only in France and Finland are the ratios higher.

It also has one of Europe’s lowest population growth rates, at under 1% in all regions except the immigrant-heavy capital (still low at 1.3%), while productivity is one of the lowest in Europe. In other words, its capacity for economic growth is constrained. That level is expected to continue to decline as Belgium keeps importing migrants now chiefly as “refugees” and for family- reunification, neither of which requires high skills or potential contributions to the economy as conditions for entry.

In part, America is to blame. Since the end of WWII, the United States, via NATO, has guaranteed western European security, leaving the defeated (Germany) and the exhausted (Britain, France) free to create an absurdly generous social-welfare state, which has been imposed upon a rapidly de-Christianizing populace. They’re now addicted to it, of course, and treat any diminution as an attack on their pacifist beliefs. They literally will not raise a hand to defend themselves.

Leading the way is Germany, under its childless, East-German-raised chancellor Angela Merkel — a woman with, literally, no stake in the future of either her non-existent progeny or her country.  Her job is to put Germany out of business as quickly (and, alas, as painfully) as possible. For her, a police state is practically the default mode.

Faithless, selfish and corrupted by indolence and wishful thinking, Europe has now allowed upward of a million more hostiles to enter its territory under the guise of “humanitarianism.” How many innocents will have to die before the old Continent comes to its senses?

You don’t want to know the answer. But you can bet the leadership of the European Community does.