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Nest of Vipers: Brussels and the Rot at the Heart of the EU

Even before the wave of “migrants” — actually, foot soldiers of the Muslim ummah on their way to the conquest of Christendom — Europe had a Muslim problem. (When hasn’t it?) And the coming of the quasi-fascist thugocracy of the European Union has only made it more possible for them to get inside the tent and move around freely inside Europe. And now this farce begins to play out:

Salah Abdeslam, the prime surviving suspect in November’s Paris attacks, answered questions from Belgian investigators on Saturday, but will fight extradition to France, his lawyer said. Belgian prosecutors said Abdeslam and a second man arrested with him on Friday were charged with “participation in terrorist murder”.

“He is cooperating with Belgian justice,” his lawyer Sven Mary told reporters, adding Abdeslam, bedridden after being shot in the leg during his capture, admitted being in Paris on Nov. 13.

His elder brother was among the suicide bombers in the attacks that night that killed 130 people. France’s BFM TV said Salah Abdeslam confessed that he had planned to blow himself up as well. Abdeslam’s lawyer and Belgian officials could not be reached for comment on the report.

Mary said that the 26-year-old French national, born and raised in Brussels in a Moroccan immigrant family, would refuse the extradition demanded by French President Francois Hollande, who was at the soccer match targeted by the bombers. Legal experts said his challenge was unlikely to succeed but would buy him more time to prepare his defense.

Salah Abdeslam (Belgium Federal Police via AP)

Salah Abdeslam (Belgium Federal Police via AP)

So let’s get this straight: this Muslim holy warrior is a French national, resisting extradition to his “country,” while taking refuge in the accidental country of his birth, and is now using the western legal system to shield himself from the consequences of his own murderous actions. When will Europe wake up?


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