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Michael Moore: NRA is a Terrorist Organization, Worse Than ISIS

In a fury over Nikolas Cruz’s shooting rampage at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, Leftist filmmaker Michael Moore joined the chorus of voices on the Left blaming the NRA for the murders. He tweeted Friday: “The NRA is a terrorist organization. The media should speak of the NRA in the same way they do ISIS.”

Piling on the implausibility, he added: “Total ISIS-inspired deaths in US = 79. Thanks to the NRA & the politicians they buy, we’ve had 1.2 MILLION American gun deaths since John Lennon was shot dead in NYC #NRAKillsKids.”

Moore’s figures -- 79 deaths “inspired” by ISIS, 1.2 million “thanks to the NRA,” -- are a breathtakingly tendentious oversimplification. But even taking them at face value, his equivalence is absurd. Michael Moore demonstrates that he knows nothing about either the NRA or the Islamic State (ISIS).

After all, you remember when the NRA conquered all that territory and collected the jizya from non-NRA members. You remember when the NRA forced all those female non-NRA members into sex slavery. You remember the NRA’s series of grisly public beheadings. You remember when the NRA called upon its members to murder civilians in the U.S. and Europe by shooting them, or knifing them, or running over them with cars.

Does Michael Moore really not know about all this? Did he pay no attention to the news of ISIS’s atrocities when the group was at its zenith? It is much more likely that he simply doesn’t care about those atrocities -- or more precisely, that he blames the United States for them.

Moore has made clear in a number of his works (notably Canadian Bacon, Fahrenheit 9/11, and Dude, Where’s My Country?) that he subscribes to a view common among Leftists: that the defense against the global jihad is merely an expression of American populism and economic imperialism (as well as of the Bush family’s ties with Saudi Arabia), and that if the big bad white Americans would just leave the jihadis alone, they would return the favor.

Moore’s likening of the NRA to ISIS is just the latest manifestation of the unconscious paternalism and ethnocentrism that mars so much of the West’s response to Islamic jihad. They assume that Muslims are passive, helpless people who can do nothing but react to what the West does or does not do.

The idea that Muslims may have ideas of their own -- that some of them may hate us for reasons of their own that are derived from Islamic texts and teachings, and that such hatred cannot be dislodged by any amount of “respect” from non-Muslims -- never seems to enter their minds. Oddly enough, those same paternalist and ethnocentrist assumptions have driven much of the U.S. foreign policy that Moore so disdains.