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Media Desperate to Make Niger Ambush, Special Ops Troop Deaths, 'Trump's Benghazi'

It's been a long eight years of hibernation for the "Grim Milestone Media," but it appears they have awoken.

All week the media has been on the attack against President Trump, rightly or wrongly, over his condolence calls to families of the four U.S. special operations soldiers who were killed in an ambush in Niger near the border with Mali on October 4.

As is the case following fatal incidents, the Pentagon has opened up an investigation into the Niger ambush.

Details about the mission are beginning to emerge while the Pentagon investigation continues.

The media and members of Congress, who are already politicizing Trump's condolence calls to the families, have begun taking a new tack over the past 24 hours — trying to make the Niger ambush Trump's Benghazi.

MSNBC's chief special operations analyst, Rachel Maddow, sent out the bat signal to the media yesterday, trying to drum up the "Trump's Benghazi" narrative.

And the media have responded to her call:

But the "Trump's Benghazi" narrative is already providing some awkward media moments.

One of the leading conspiracy theories being pushed by Maddow is that the Niger ambush is related the withdrawal of troops from Chad, purportedly because Chad had been included in the expansion of Trump's travel ban. This despite the fact that no Chad official has actually said so.