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For the Left, ‘Islamophobia’ Is a Much Bigger Threat Than Jihad Terror

Recently I spoke at Stanford University, but few people were in attendance. This was not because my appearance had aroused little interest, but because Stanford administrators and Leftist students made sure that as few people as possible heard me.

Why did they do this? Because for the academic Left and the Left in general, “Islamophobia” is a much bigger threat than jihad terror.

The jihad threat is real, and growing worldwide, as the evidence of 30,000 jihad attacks worldwide since 9/11 shows. TheReligionOfPeace.com keeps a sourced and documented database of all those attacks, complete with the number of people reported killed and wounded in each. During each Ramadan, the site tracks the number of people killed by Islamic jihadis; Ramadan, of course, is the time when Muslims are supposed to redouble their efforts to please Allah. The site also keeps track of the number of people killed by “Islamophobes.”

That latter number remained at zero for years, until the Finsbury Park Mosque attack last June. Meanwhile, the number of jihad attacks increased daily. During Ramadan 2017 there were 161 jihad terror attacks, leaving 1,483 people dead and another 1,557 wounded.

Nonetheless, “Islamophobia” is treated as a larger threat than jihad terror.

Consider, for example, the aftermath of the jihad attack at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, that murdered 22 people and injured 59. MI5 revealed shortly after the attack that as many as 23,000 jihad terrorists are on the streets of Britain today. British Prime Minister Theresa May announced that British troops would be deployed on the streets of the country’s major cities to try to head off another catastrophic jihad attack.

But the British authorities had other priorities as well. The UK’s Cambridge News reported this in the wake of the Manchester attack:

[P]olice are increasing patrols at two mosques in Cambridge after strips of bacon were … left on the car windscreens to insult fasting Muslims.

This was what the British police were concerned about in the wake of the jihad massacres in Manchester and London: bacon. They were protecting Muslims and mosques from supposed “hate crimes” and “Islamophobia.”

Not that any such hate crimes, whenever they actually occur, are ever justified. But the proportions were off. Twenty-two people were dead in Manchester and seven in London at the hands of Islamic jihadists. One would have thought, in light of that, the Cambridge police would not have prioritized a few strips of bacon in front of a mosque. One would have thought the Cambridge police might have told the mosque leaders to direct their attention to more important matters, such as rooting out jihad terror sympathizers and plotters from their communities.

But one would have thought wrong.