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Is ISIS Finished? What Are the Next Steps in the War Against the Jihadists?

Is ISIS finished? It seems that the Islamic State is virtually wiped out in Syria and Iraq. The terror state that revels in beheadings and burning people alive has at last been driven into a few hiding places in the desert between those two countries. More good news: Just last week the U.S. announced that five major leaders of ISIS were captured and are currently being held in Iraq.

The leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, is still on the run and trying to elude his captors. The actual government and standing army of this particular jihadist group known as ISIS may be finished (for now), but don’t relax and pop the champagne in celebration. ISIS has actually redeployed to several other nations, and similar jihadist organizations (such as Al-Shabaab, Boko Haram, the Taliban, and al-Qaeda) continue the fight to impose sharia on the whole world.

Consider the following theaters of war:

1. The Philippines.

Many ISIS terrorists deployed to the Philippines, where they captured several cities in the predominantly Muslim island of Mindanao. Fortunately, President Duterte sent in the Philippine military to liberate Marawi and other cities terrorized by the jihadists. The Philippine army was largely successful, but the jihadists have not been completely ejected from Mindanao.

2. Sub-Saharan Africa.

The French have deployed a force of 4,000 troops (infantry, armor, and air power) to attack ISIS in sub-Saharan Africa (Chad, Niger, Mali). Some speculate that ISIS has up to 10,000 troops there. U.S. special operations forces have been operating for some time with the French, and sadly four of our Green Berets were killed in an ambush by ISIS back in October of 2017.

3. Europe.

There are continued random attacks in Europe and the U.S. Just last week a man shouting “Allahu Akhbar” killed one and wounded four others in Paris.

In the U.S., a jihadist ran people over with a truck in New York City last October.

Here is a “slideshow” of the more famous attacks in Europe since 2015.

The Islamic colonies of refugees and immigrants throughout the western world are undoubtedly the breeding grounds for such acts of jihadist terrorism. Acts of terrorism are not committed because jihadists are poor or because they are disadvantaged little waifs who are oppressed by the evil West. It is because they are consistently following their interpretation of the Quran and know what their objective is: subjugation of the non-Islamic world.

4. Jihadist infiltration.

Infiltration by jihadist organizations, using the freedoms of the West, continues unabated. FOX 9 of Minneapolis reports on at least $100 million in cash being sent out from the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Airport to individuals and organizations in Somalia and other Middle Eastern nations. Refugees and other immigrants sign up for welfare (like daycare), and collect the money, but never send their kids to the daycare centers. Instead, they send the cash overseas. The money may be going to help relatives in impoverished areas, but as the report details, jihadist-terrorist organizations (like Al-Shabaab) always take their cut.

The Muslim Brotherhood, in their strategic plan, declared their desire to infiltrate the U.S. government and eventually conquer America. In 2007, The Dallas Morning News reported on the seriousness of the Muslim Brotherhood’s strategy to destroy the United States.

To some degree they have been successful in their infiltration. Consider this article from Investor’s Business Daily about how the Brotherhood infiltrated the Obama administration. While the UK was condemning the Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, the Obama White House was hosting members of that group.

Who hasn’t heard about the Pakistani agent arrested for infiltrating Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s office and stealing documents? There’s a lot more to it than just stealing some info, but you can read an introduction to the spy ring operating out of her office here, here, and here.

What about jihadist front organizations operating freely here in the U.S.? CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relations) is a cheerleader for the murderous Hamas as well as other extreme Islamist organizations. Here is a list of evidence against CAIR, tying them in with the worldwide jihad against Western civilization. The Gatestone Institute has detailed the various front organizations for radical Islamic jihadism in the United States and Canada. I would bet that Europe has similar front organizations.

Finally, there are the ubiquitous “no-go zones” throughout Europe (most notably in Britain, France, and Sweden) where large Islamist communities attempt to impose sharia upon their populations, and the police forces are afraid to enter to enforce state law. Some say this is myth or propaganda. However, I’ll let “60 Minutes” inform you of one of the 55 “no-go zones” they encountered in Sweden not too long ago:


Some will say that this sort of violent fanaticism is a minority within the larger Islamic community. Maybe. But consider this informal poll taken by a Muslim cleric at a large gathering of Muslim men. The things we would consider to be barbaric excesses of sharia are quite normal for these men:

In Minneapolis, where people are sending tens of millions of dollars in cash to terrorist organizations in the Middle East, there are Muslims who say they prefer sharia to U.S. constitutional law:

Of course, there are Muslims who want nothing to do with sharia and much prefer constitutional law. Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser is the founder and president of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy. He interprets the violent jihadist passages in the Quran in a different, more peaceful light and believes in the “separation of mosque and state.” (He even supports President Trump’s travel ban on refugees and immigrants from predominantly Muslim countries that have been supporting Islamic terrorism.)

So what do we in the West do? ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, Al-Shabaab,  and the Taliban are not totally defeated. Not by a long shot. If they are defeated on the battlefield in some areas of the world, it is only temporary. They are using this time to re-group, re-arm, and strike again when we least expect it.

They fully plan to fight by overpopulating, using the local welfare state to economically strain the nations where they live, practicing “lawfare” (using the law of the land to destroy the law of the land and replace it with sharia), and committing random acts of violence. Do not think the threat of jihadist savagery is over. Many jihadists reside in the safe havens of their “no-go zones” throughout the Western world, and they are serious about winning over the infidel.

Here are some things we can do now to fight back against the jihadist goals of ISIS and similar groups:

1. Know that the threat is real.

We cannot afford to lose. Remove any vestiges of “political correctness” and realize we are in a war to the death for our civilization. Know the theology of the jihadists and know their goals. Teach your family and friends the truth about the jihadists.

2. Cut off their funding.

Whether it is welfare scams (as in Minneapolis), or handing $150 billion to Iran, or drug dealing, or funding oil sheikhs by refusing to be energy independent, the Western flow of cash to the jihadists must be cut off.

3. Root out front organizations.

Label those organizations that give aid and comfort to terror groups as actual terrorist organizations and shut them down. Shut down mosques and madrasas that are known to support terrorism.

Ultimately, Congress could declare war on jihadism if they felt it was necessary. Jihadism is the imposition of sharia, by force or by law, upon the United States. Congress declared war on the Nazis in World War II and we were able to shut down the German American Bund (a Nazi front organization) and imprison its leaders (such as Fritz Kuhn) and eliminate their training camps. (Fritz Kuhn was later stripped of his U.S. citizenship and deported to Germany after World War II.)

Such an action by the U.S. Congress would indeed be seen as extreme by some (or many), but it would be within the authority of Congress and give the U.S. government the legal authority to root out those who believe in jihadism and deport them. All people of good will, such as King Abdullah of Jordan and the Kurds, are welcome to join us in fighting this war against jihadism.

The Muslim cleric in the YouTube video above asks at the 3:12 mark: “What will they do? Deport us all?” Yes. All who believe in jihadism must be deported. They must be removed from our country.

4. Secure our borders.

Israel used to have a major problem with bombers blowing up pizza parlors and buses and kindergartens. Since they built their walls, those problems have been greatly reduced. Walls do work. It’s time to stop the massive influx of refugees and illegal aliens, and build the wall along our southern border.

5. Defeat them on the battlefield and stay on offense.

The government of the United States must ally itself with governments that sincerely want to stop jihadism (even with Muslim nations such as Jordan or Egypt, or the Kurds), pursue the jihadists are, and destroy them.

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