ISIS Puts Out Call for Supporters to 'Fulfill the Call' as Social Media Jihadists

man in hoodie on laptop

ISIS supporters renewed a call for online operatives to become cyber jihadists ASAP if they're unable to fight for the Islamic State in the traditional sense.

A posting distributed in English, Arabic and French by the Ashhad Media Foundation shows a hooded figure in front of a laptop computer branded with the ISIS insignia and icons of social media sites in the background, including Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram and YouTube. They also included the employment networking site LinkedIn.

"Oh supporter, If you didn't do anything or obligated not to fulfill the call of 'Jihad' against the coalition of the infidels in the battlefield, why not fulfilling the call of 'Jihad' in the Media field?!" states the message, which was also distributed over the summer in addition to this week.

Ashhad has been calling on supporters on Telegram to go open Twitter and Facebook accounts to spread ISIS propaganda as needed. Last month, Ashhad put out a call for hackers to go after anti-ISIS Facebook accounts.