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Huffington Post Enraged: UN Pick Heather Nauert Has ‘Relationship’ With Me?

President Trump has chosen Heather Nauert to replace Nikki Haley as the United States ambassador to the United Nations, and the Huffington Post is in a fine froth. It tapped the intrepid Rowaida Abdelaziz to write a hit piece on Nauert full of HuffPo’s usual distortion, lies, and hysteria: HuffPo published Abdelaziz’s “Donald Trump Picks Anti-Muslim Official For U.S. Ambassador To UN” on Friday, shortly after the nomination of Nauert was announced:

President Donald Trump announced in a tweet Friday morning that State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert will replace Nikki Haley as the newest United States ambassador to the United Nations.

“In a tweet”! The indignity!

Nauert, a former Fox News host with no foreign policy experience, has something in common with many of her peers in the Trump administration: a history of spreading anti-Muslim and Islamophobic comments.

“A former Fox News host.” You can imagine the buttons that pushes for hard-Left Huffington Post readers. But given the catastrophic foreign policy messes that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry left behind, Abdelaziz may have been unwise to include that Nauert has “no foreign policy experience.”

Nauert, says Abdelaziz, has “a history of spreading anti-Muslim and Islamophobic comments.” In the real world, this means that Nauert opposes jihad mass murder and Sharia oppression of women, gays, and others. That this makes her “anti-Muslim” in the eyes of Rowaida Abdelaziz tells you more about Rowaida Abdelaziz than it does about Heather Nauert.

[Nauert] mocked Muslims in a 2016 tweet that linked to a New York Times story about Muslims’ concerns over then-presidential candidate Trump. “They should meet ISIS,” she wrote.

“She mocked Muslims” by suggesting that ISIS is worse than Trump? The audacity! How has Nauert not received the message that no Muslim, under any circumstances, may ever, ever, be mocked?

[Nauert] also tweeted links to jihadwatch.org, an anti-Muslim hate site run by Robert Spencer, a prominent anti-Muslim activist who is banned from the United Kingdom for his Islamophobic and racist rhetoric.

I was banned from the UK for “Islamophobic and racist rhetoric”? In reality, I was banned for saying Islam has doctrines enjoining violence against unbelievers, which is a demonstrably true statement. As for my supposedly “racist rhetoric,” what race is jihad mass murder and Sharia oppression again? I challenge Rowaida Abdelaziz to produce a single racist statement from me -- she won’t, because she can’t.

Jihad Watch is a “hate site” for chronicling jihad activity? That’s a neat inversion of reality. The “hate” is in what we report about, not in what we ourselves say.

Nauert’s relationship with Spencer dates back to 2009, when she hosted him and fellow anti-Muslim activists Frank Gaffney, Tarek Fatah and Nonie Darwish to discuss an hour-long segment on “stealth jihad.”