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Hamza bin Laden Vows to 'Redistribute the Riches' of Saudi Arabia to Poor in Call for Uprising

Hamza bin Laden went after the Saudi kingdom's relationship with America in a new video intended to incite Muslims to rise up against Middle Eastern rulers they see as too allied with the West.

The video is the sixth episode in a series by the son of Osama bin Laden; Hamza said that in addition to trying to spur "our dear people in the Arabian Peninsula" to rise up "against the criminal tyrants and rulers of the country," al-Qaeda wants to incite people "to liberate the place of revelation from the Crusaders, and protect the Two Holy Mosques from the Safavids, and establish a complete and rightly guided Islamic system."

In the goal to "revive the jihad for the sake of Allah," bin Laden's heir pitched an al-Qaeda promise to "redistribute the riches of the country among the poor and the needy and the deserving, so that the sons of the country can live honorably and in strength in the shade of the Shariah of the Lords of the Worlds."

"It is incumbent upon our people in the Arabian Peninsula to prepare the equipment and materials, and prepare to protect the Two Holy Mosques," he urged, along with supporting AQAP "with money and men."

"Oh Muslim merchants, this is a chance for he who wants to obtain the honor of preparing an army to protect the Two Holy Mosques, and oh young Muslims, go forth lightly and heavily to your mujahidin brothers in Yemen the Land of Faith, to prepare the equipment and gain the necessary experience from them," he said.