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Canada Upholds Allah/Muhammad’s Ban on Adoption

Many in the West were shocked to learn that, in recently ruling that criticism of Muhammad is tantamount to incitement to hatred and thus not protected free speech, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) had effectively adopted Islamic Sharia’s ban on free speech. Freedom of speech is the fundamental Western right, formerly prized and zealously guarded.

The greater shock, however, is not that the ECHR ruled in compliance with Sharia, but that many Western nations intentionally uphold Sharia stipulations that contradict one-time Western values -- even as most of their citizenry have no clue.

Take, for instance, a Canadian law which -- in accordance with Sharia -- essentially banned the adoption of children from Muslim nations.

As this week's CBC report explained, back in 2013 “Canada banned adoptions from Pakistan without warning”:

Canada quietly extended the same restriction to virtually all Muslim countries. The reason: According to the federal government, adoptions aren't permissible under Shariah law …

Documents obtained through access to information legislation reveal the extent to which Canadian officials were delving into the particulars of Shariah law and in the process, bringing adoptions from Muslim countries to a near-halt.

Indeed, documents from 2013 indicate that Canadian federal officials had become preoccupied with the question of adoption in the context and according to the intricacies of Islamic law. “It is reasonable to assume,” reads one from June 2013, “that … a change in the child's parentage is strictly prohibited under Shariah law.” “In the Islamic view,” it continues, “the child does not become a true child of the ‘adoptive’ parents.”

Accordingly, per the report:

Canadian officials have been restricting adoptions from various Muslim countries on an ad hoc basis for at least a decade -- saying those countries don't allow adoption and citing Shariah law.

The reason Sharia bans adoption revolves around Muhammad.

In the Koran, when the prophet once went to visit his adopted son Zayd bin al-Haritha in his tent, Muhammad’s eyes fell upon Zayd’s unveiled wife, Zaynab, whom Muhammad had earlier pressured into marrying his adopted son. (Koran 33:36 -- which commands Muslims always to obey Allah/Muhammad without objection -- was “revealed” in this context.)

Muhammad was instantly enamored by the sight of his scantily clad daughter-in-law. It was not long before Zayd realized that the prophet desired his wife. So he humbly offered to divorce her; but Muhammad, knowing how bad it would appear to his followers if he added his own son’s wife to his already burgeoning harem, refused.

But then Muhammad received another “revelation” (Koran 33:36-42): Allah ordered him to marry Zaynab. This was the Islamic deity’s will all along -- to expose the problems with adoption.

Allah further chastised Muhammad; of all people surely a prophet should concern himself only with Allah’s will, not other people’s opinions. Finally, to guard Muhammad from the stigma of marrying and copulating with whom was considered his daughter, Allah abolished the traditional notion of adoption (see also Koran 33:4), thereby allowing men to have the ex-wives of their one-time but no longer adopted sons.