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Taliban Claim U.S. Violated Their Free Speech with Airstrikes on 'Voice of Shariah' Station

The Taliban complained that the U.S. violated their free speech rights by launching airstrikes against one of their propaganda outlets.

Ghazni provincial police said six Taliban militants were killed in the Sunday night airstrikes delivered by the Afghan security forces.

The target was Radio Shariat, a station that had been airing Taliban programming and recruitment messages for about four months.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid blamed the U.S. in a statement of taking out the “Voice of Shariah.”

“With this action the claimants of Democracy and Freedom of Speech exposed their true nature and showed that they have absolutely no respect for the views, voice and media of their opposition. They only use the slogans of ‘Freedom of Speech’ to force their own views, culture and colonial agendas on foreign nations,” he said in a statement.

“A number of deceived faces in our country also believe that the slogans of ‘Freedom of Speech’ trumpeted by America are genuine,” he added. “But now that a local and relatively weak media channel (Voice of Shariah) of the Islamic Emirate has proven intolerable to the enemy and deserves being targeted and bombed by five advanced aircraft, this should serve as an example of the extent of patience and tolerance as well as rational policy of the Islamic Emirate compared to the enemy.”

Mujahid called it “feeble and despicable” that Taliban opponents “cannot listen to voice of criticism and their enmity with Islam has reach an extent where hearing the mere name of Shariah has become intolerable and deserves barbaric treatment.”

He further branded the destruction of the radio station as ideological occupation.

“The media advocacy groups [are] also being challenged here because they repeatedly ask the Mujahideen for the rights and protection of enemy media,” he added. “We shall now await how they judge this naked aggression of the enemy against the media of the Islamic Emirate.”

The Taliban spokesman added that if “such acts persist against our media channels, our reaction will prove much fiercer.”