Homeland Security

Taliban Launch Spring 'Nipped in the Bud' Offensive Targeting U.S.

Members of Afghan security forces stand guard at the site of a Saturday suicide attack claimed by the Taliban in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Jan. 28, 2018. (AP Photo/Rahmat Gul)

The Taliban launched their spring offensive with a vow to nip America and supporters “in the bud” in an operation named after a 627 A.D. battle by Muhammad and his forces at Medina.

In an English-language statement, the Afghan terror group reminded fellow jihadists, “You realize that some areas of our beloved homeland are still under the infidel occupation of American invaders and their allied forces.”

“The continuation of the legitimate Jihadi resistance against the foreign invaders and their internal and external supporters is deemed as a legal, moral and security obligation by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan as a defending force of the pious values of our sacred religion of Islam and the territorial integrity of our homeland,” said the statement. “Like past, this year too, for the sake of well-coordinated and better-organized military activities, the Al Khandaq Jihadi operations will be launched for the following reasons.”

Those reasons include the Afghan government being “completely helpless in inhibiting this brutality of the American invaders,” the “newly adopted war strategy of Trump” that meant “thousands of additional foreign forces are being deployed inside Afghanistan and they are supplied with new devastating weapons and vast military authorities,” the continued existence of multiple American bases, and “the overall anarchy prevailing in the areas controlled by the American invaders and their stooge admin in Kabul, numerous evident and secret centers for obscenity, alcohol, licentious movies, invitation to revoked religion and various other illegitimate activities continue to operate.”

The Taliban declared that “Americans have no serious or sincere intentions of bringing the war to an end,” but instead “want to intensify and prolong it by engulfing Afghanistan as well as the whole region in its flames, thus securing chances of their further influence and interference.”

They chose the Battle of the Trench as their op namesake because “instead of annihilating the Muslims, the battle of Al Khandaq proved to be a decisive defeat for the infidel forces, as they lost all hope of ever invading the holy city of Medina” and launched “the beginning of perpetual victories for Mujahidin and successive defeats for the infidel forces.”

“The planning and strategy of the Al Khandaq Jihadi operations are organized by the expert and proficient skilled cadre of the Military Commission of the Islamic Emirate which is based on guerrilla, offensive, infiltrated and various other new and intricate tactics against the new war strategy of the enemy, mainly focusing on crushing, killing and capturing American invaders and their supporters,” the statement continued.

“Its primary target will be the American invaders and their intelligence agents. Their internal supporters will be dealt with as a secondary target while the present and future mischievous plots of the mischief-mongers will be nipped in the bud. In-sha Allah!!!”

The Taliban, whose recent attacks included the January attack on the Inter-Continental Hotel in Kabul — four Americans were among the dozens killed — and a car bomb using an ambulance later that month in Kabul’s city center, said they “expect that our Mujahid masses will fully partake in the Al Khandaq Jihadi operations through their increased support for Mujahidin while remaining at sufficient distance from all enemy bases and convoys so that they are not unnecessarily harmed during these operations.”

Despite their recent mass attacks on civilian targets, the statement told jihadists to use “precautionary measures” with civilian lives and property.