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'Our Lions Have Infiltrated': ISIS Video Depicts Future Caliphate Located in the West

The pro-ISIS group that in January depicted the invasion of Washington and in February declared “Paris before Rome,” depicting a terrorist invasion that began with cells in the countryside outside Paris before attacking the city, today released a new video depicting a global caliphate.

The Al-Abd al-Faqir Media video shows, as described at the beginning, “an imaginary chat in the future between an old immigrant to the land of the caliphate where he talks to his friend ‘John’ who’s a new convert to Islam after Allah has fulfilled his promise and the caliphate reached east and west … in the near future inshallah.”

A young man in a living room labeled as being in Baghdad, wearing khakis and a blue button-down shirt, opens a laptop to a Facebook-styled page with ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as the banner photo, an ISIS flag as the profile pic, and his profile name Al-Mohajir.

His clicks to a profile of “John Stephen,” a white man with a closely trimmed beard and an image of the White House exploding in flames as his banner photo.

ISIS supporters fake chat about future caliphate

(Al-Abd al-Faqir Foundation video)

Al-Mohajir strikes up a chat with Stephen, identified as being located in Belgium, who reminisces on the days “when I took pride in sinning with my companions” and says he wishes he would have converted sooner to “this true religion.”

Al-Mohajir tells Stephen not to think about the past but “strive for what is coming.”

The westerner declares to his Baghdad friend that “the banner of Islam has preceded you, flying in the skies of our country! … and the parents are eager to meet you.”

Al-Mohajir declares that earlier jihad campaigns were “the beginning of the planting… and now the time of harvest came.” He then asks about “the status of soldiers of the caliphate with you” in the West.

Stephen notes that Paris and Belgium have been “conquered recently” and that at first he paid the jizya tax to the ISIS occupiers, then “saw the justice of the Muslims and the activities of the caliphate officers in our neighborhood” and claimed locals began to “race to Islam old and young.”

Al-Mohajir declares that the jihad is complete now that ISIS territory stretches from east to west “under the banner of Islam.”

“No nationalist to fragment us, and no imaginary limits to differentiate us. And my passport is ‘There is no God but Allah.'” He talks of hudood laws being implemented in the new ISIS territory, showing ISIS police cutting hands off of alleged offenders. “There is no immorality, no theft, no wine, no idols… and bars were demolished, there shall be no visible sins and no promotion of heresy. The era of evil has gone away.”

ISIS supporters fake chat about future caliphate

(Al-Abd al-Faqir Foundation video)

Deceased ISIS figures including Abu Mohammad al-Adnani, along with al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda in Iraq leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, are referred to as “parents” of the new Islamic State. “From here the Islamic State came,” declares Al-Mohajir. “From here passed the heroes of the caliphate … and in their glory, they live.”

The video includes extensive real-life footage from previous ISIS propaganda films of the caliphate that no longer exists, including in Raqqa, as a nasheed sings that the terror group was “back to glory when our armies came back… with the sword, they rule ever kuffar [disbeliever].”

“Our lions have infiltrated… that time has come,” the song adds.

Unusual for a production from ISIS supporters, this video has rolling credits — and a message — at the end: “This work is an unofficial effort by your brothers in the Al-Abd al-Faqir Foundation… do not give up your trenches. Do not waver from the support of your state and the cloud of kuffar is about to fall off and the enemies of Allah are about to see what they have seen in our episodes in reality. Surely they think it to be far off. And we see it nigh.”