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ISIS Slams Taliban as 'Against Islam' for Telling Americans They'd 'Abandon Jihad'

ISIS supporters accused the Taliban of violating Islam for releasing a Valentine’s Day letter to the American people in which the Afghan terror group insisted that their dream sharia state could cooperatively rule through healthy politics and dialogue.

In the lengthy open letter addressed to “the American people, officials of independent non-governmental organizations and the peace loving Congressmen,” the Taliban explained that they would keep fighting because “to relinquish this sacred obligation is considered by them as abandoning Islam and all human values and this disgrace is never acceptable for any valiant Muslim Afghan individual.”

“If your government is still insisting on perpetuating the war in Afghanistan by conjuring excuses, it will further undermine American prestige in the world,” they added.

“In the American society where the main source of power is the masses and the authorities are elected by public votes, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan – as representatives of the will of Afghan nation – asks the American people and the peace loving Congressmen to put pressure on your authorities and demand an end to the occupation of Afghanistan because stubbornly seeking the protraction of this war and existence of a corrupt and ineffective regime here in Kabul will have dreadful consequences for the region and particularly for the stability of America herself.”

The Taliban add that they “feel pity for the whole American nation because they are being sacrificed and are losing respect through the world with each passing day solely due the war-mongering policies of a few war-mongering officials.”

The terror group stressed that they have “asked America from the very beginning to solve her issues with the Islamic Emirate through talk and dialogue,” and “the chances of dialogue however are not exhausted.”

“America must end her occupation and must accept all our legitimate rights including the right to form a government consistent with the beliefs of our people,” the letter continued. “After gaining independence, we would like to have positive and constructive relations with all countries of the world including our neighboring countries. We welcome their assistance and support in the reconstruction and rehabilitation of our country. We want to play a beneficial role in regional and world peace and stability, provide high standard education and employment opportunities for our people and guarantee all human and legal rights of every child, woman and man, secure our youth from drugs and all other moral indecencies, provided job opportunities to every individual such that they not leave their homeland or seek refuge abroad.”

In a message posted on Telegram, ISIS supporters decried such talk of detente as “against Islam.”

“Even if we agree it was a treaty between Taliban2.0 and US then you have to fulfill all promises you make in the treaty,” the ISIS supporters state. “In those statements and letters, you promise them you won’t fight any other country, you promise them you won’t let anyone else use Afghan soil against any country. In return you ask them to leave Afghanistan.”

The Taliban are violating Islam, they argue, by saying “you would abandon jihad (implied by the promise that you will not interfere in any country’s matters and you respect their sovereignty).”

“Second, it says, you would not let others take up jihad which is fardh/obligation upon every Muslim today (implied by the promise that you won’t allow anyone else to use Afghan soil for activities against other countries). Third, this treaty is promise that US can bomb and rape Muslims outside Afghanistan and you would not do anything (implied by the promise that you will have good relationships with US and other countries – which includes other 27 NATO countries – if US leaves Afghanistan.”

Of the nearly 3,500 civilian deaths in Afghanistan last year attributed to fighting, the Taliban were responsible for 42 percent and ISIS responsible for 10 percent, according to a UN report this week.