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New ISIS Video Sings to U.S. Jihadists: 'It is Now Time to Rise, Slit Their Throats, Watch Them Die'

The Islamic State issued a new video today calling on “brothers in Europe, America, Russia, Australia and elsewhere” to “kill them all” as “it is now time to rise.”

The English-language nasheed, inspirational songs frequently released by terror groups, shows scenes of Western terrorists’ handiwork — including the March 2017 Westminster Bridge attack and the ISIS pledge video recorded by Berlin Christmas market terrorist Anis Amri — mingled with ISIS battlefield scenes and beheadings in Syria.

The video from ISIS’ official Al-Hayat Media Center was distributed widely on YouTube and social media platforms Twitter and Facebook, along with being posted on file-sharing sites.

“Your brothers in your lands have absolved themselves of blame, so leap onto their tracks and take an example from their actions and know that jannah [paradise] is beneath the shadows of swords,” a narrator says before the nasheed starts.

“Go answer the call, don’t spare none, kill them all, it is now time to rise, slit their throats, watch them die,” goes the nasheed. “The Islamic State stands, and it stands and demands, that you worship the one, whom besides there is none.”

“We’re the grandsons of men, who gave all that they can, to rule all of the lands, with the law of Islam,” the nasheed continued. “Holding up the flag high, and seeking paradise, o my brothers stay strong, victory won’t be long.”

“Together we will stand up, once filled with iman [faith], men who answered the call, terrorizing the world.”

At this point, the video shows scenes from the 2015 San Bernardino attack, the 2015 Hyper Cacher kosher supermarket siege in France, and the 2016 Bastille Day attack in Nice, France.

“Through our blood comes success, and we’ll give it our best, to destroy the kuffar [disbelievers], we will slaughter them all,” the nasheed continues. “So my brothers erupt, let the world know we’re up, by the will of Allah, we will conquer the world.”

The video also includes a fleeting scene from October’s mass shooting at a Las Vegas music festival.

Official ISIS media has persisted in claiming responsibility for the Oct. 1 mass shooting in Vegas, though investigators said in a recent report that they could not link shooter Stephen Paddock “to any specific ideology” and “nothing was found to indicate motive on the part of Paddock or that he acted with anyone else.” This week, the ISIS-supporting Wafa’ Media Foundation threatened another Vegas-style massacre in a propaganda image showing crosshairs and flames positioned over the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.

In a December video released by Al-Hayat, a one-legged American jihadist referred to by nom de guerre Abu Salih Al-Amriki called for would-be terrorists to take advantage of gun availability in the United States.

Abu Salih said the ISIS flag will be raised above the White House — a common threat from the terror group. “Yes, America, you will be overcome from where you least expect it,” he added.