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Al-Qaeda to Global Jihadists: 'Cooperate, Come Closer, Join Ranks, Correct Mistakes and Fill the Gaps'

Al-Qaeda this week called on jihadists to “transcend our disagreements” and unite in an “absolutely vital” alliance that would “organize our ranks to fight in the way of Allah.”


The message from Al-Qaeda’s General Command characterized their jihad as a “contemporary battle” against those looking to “subjugate the Muslims masses, rein in their potential and steal their resources.”

“We must understand that we are in for a long war, a battle of creed and awareness before weapons and combat, a battle for the sake of upright conduct, inculcating ethics and abstinence from this world before carrying out explosions, assassinations and accumulating war booty,” the terror group said. “So let us cooperate, come closer, join ranks, correct mistakes and fill the gaps.”

Without mentioning any terror group or terrorists by name, al-Qaeda said that mistakes and their “consequences are thus made useful lessons and experiences which further refine the creed, cleanse the hearts and purify the ranks, capacitate them for the promised victory and conclude eventually with good fortune and blessings.”

“We must understand that the obligation of the hour is preparation for war, a general call to jihad, guarding the frontiers, and repelling the aggressor on the war fronts extending throughout the occupied Muslims lands… so the mujahideen must not abandon their positions alongside those who cooperate with them amongst the Muslims, whoever and wherever they may be,” the statement continued. “They must not hesitate guarding the frontiers. They must not lag behind in any general offensive against the enemy, nor should they discontinue any work or effort initiated for the sake of Allah.”


The terror organization reminded jihadists to not “aggress against the honor, respect or dignity of a Muslim, and do not hurt a disbeliever whose right is protected by the Shariah.”

Al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent, for example, spells out in detail which disbelievers may be targeted by their machete-wielding assassins, including “those who are opposing, lowing and presenting wrongly the rulings of shariah” and anyone deemed to be standing in the way of Muslims practicing shariah law.

AQIS, which hacked an Atlanta man to death two years ago and a USAID worker last year, recently said they’re flummoxed by America’s “enmity” with Sharia law and convinced that the current commander in chief shows the U.S. is down, “dumbstruck and distressed.”

Spokesman Ustadh Usama Mahmood said in an interview released by al-Qaeda’s as-Sahab media that while they’re focused on creating an “Islamic subcontinent” the group “is also a part of the global jihadi movement” and ranks Americans as their top enemy along with “the alliance of Crusaders, Zionists, Mulhids [apostates], polytheists, and secularists.”


He referenced the 22-page “Code of Conduct” published by AQIS in June that discussed legitimate targets and stressed “jihad is a communal obligation, and thus the results of personal actions of an individual, or of a single organization are not limited to that individual, or that organization; rather they impact all mujahideen operating in the battlefield, and in fact, the entire Ummah [Muslim community].”

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