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This Lethal Force is Literally Dancing to Victory Over ISIS

The Syrian Democratic Forces have been quickly advancing in the final stage of their operation to rout ISIS from their declared caliphate capital Raqqa, and have been fighting the terrorists with a song and dance every step of the way.

The 50,000-strong multi-ethnic, multi-sectarian coalition of Kurds, Arabs, Assyrians, Turkmen, Circassians, Yazidis and other ethnic minorities, both male and female fighters, took nearly 28 square miles from ISIS in and around Raqqa last week.

U.S. commanders have often noted the high morale and discipline of the SDF, who launched their Raqqa offensive in November. “You could tell they have a good [command] climate, that commanders are engaged and they are a disciplined force,” said Army Command Sgt. Maj. John Wayne Troxell, senior advisor to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joe Dunford, in April. “Talking to some of our special operators, in their opinion, [the SDF] was some of the best partnered forces they have ever been with.”

The SDF, who have yet to lose a battle to ISIS, also like to dance — a lot.

Here, you can see one soldier aiming his gun around the corner of the building while his comrades dance.

Here, Christian SDF fighters teach an American volunteer the steps.

They dance before and after battles, and while preparing for them. Here, the opening of a training center back in May.

Though sometimes all you need is song, with an Igloo cooler acting as the drum (though these soldiers eventually dance, of course).

These SDF fighters dance and smoke, a double ISIS no-no, while greeting newly liberated Raqqa civilians (and sharing their cigarettes).

They dance other places than Raqqa…

… including when they won the hard-fought battle against ISIS for Tabqa, a city west of Raqqa along the Euphrates and home to a critical dam that survived the fierce warfare.

The locals are, of course, welcome to join in.

And they dance any time of the day or night.