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ISIS to Moms: Raising Jihadist Kids Doesn't 'Kill Their Childhood and Destroy Their Innocence'

ISIS issued a special message to moms in the most recent issue of their multi-language recruiting magazine: Don’t listen to people who say raising kids as pint-sized jihadists is ruining their childhood or trashing their innocence.


The May issue of Rumiyah, published and distributed online in 10 languages including English, emphasized that the “tremendous grace” of giving birth in the Islamic State is “not granted to many other women,” so jihadi moms should “painstakingly endeavor to raise her children in a manner that pleases her Lord and brings benefit to her ummah [Muslim community].”

The article warns of “reckoning and punishment” if a Muslim woman “shows neglect concerning her flock,” starting with Quran and Arabic education and providing a model example as “the uprightness of the children is connected to the uprightness of the mother.”

She’s also supposed to raise her kids, the article states, “so that the worldly life becomes trivial to them and the Hereafter becomes significant to them, with the mother nurturing them upon a difficult life and some aspect of rough living.”

ISIS’ recruitment model has emphasized luring or creating jihadist families so that young children can be raised in the terror organization. The ISIS “cubs” have been featured in gory training videos, including child jihadists hunting down bound prisoners and young kids killing prisoners tied to ruins of carnival games. Many children in liberated Mosul were held out of school for the two-plus years of occupation as parents didn’t want their kids raised in ISIS indoctrination programs, which have included military training and even kids’ apps.


The Rumiyah articles dictates that “the generation of the Khilafah [caliphate] must be raised upon so that it becomes a firm and course generation which life has tested and strengthened, and so it can thereby prepare to bear the trust, take up the banner, and assume authority in the land.”

An ISIS mom “should recognize and take advantage of” her kids being “raised in the home and under the wing of a mujahid father,” it adds.

“So they grow up with their eyes becoming accustomed to seeing weapons and equipment, including rifles, tactical vests, bullets, grenades, and explosive belts. Likewise, watching the mujahidin’s video releases and following their written and recorded news nurtures within the lion cub the love of jihad and the mujahidin and hatred towards their enemies,” ISIS continues. “The mother may hear criticism from some people who would argue that the manner in which she raises her children might kill their childhood and destroy their innocence.”

“…We ask Allah to grant us righteous offspring and to bring forth from us a generation that will wage jihad for His cause and bring victory to His religion.”

The article includes a picture of an armed child about junior high-age with the caption, “A soldier of the Khilafah who was incited to wage jihad by his mother.”

Another article in the magazine predicts that an Islamic force of “young and old” who “race towards death and destroy themselves cheaply in Allah’s cause will never be defeated.”


America, ISIS said, “attempts in vain to keep herself away from partaking” in the war on terror “but did not succeed, and she was dragged by her legs to the land of Sham [Syria] and Iraq, where she will release her death gargle.”

As the Iraqi security forces are close to clearing the last of ISIS from Mosul and the Syrian Democratic Forces are encircling Raqqa before moving on ISIS’ capital, the magazine noted, “If we lose a city, an area, or a town, it is simply a trial and a purification… in order to cleanse the ranks and remove the filth.”

“Certainly, O America, you know that you have no savior,” ISIS continued. “You have become prey for the soldiers of the Khilafah in every region of the earth. You have become bankrupt and the signs of your end are apparent and visible to the eyes. There is no better evidence of this than that an uncouth idiot has assumed authority over you, while he has no idea what Sham is, what Iraq is, and what Islam is – yet he still raves about showing enmity to it and declaring war against it.”

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