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ISIS Warning: Dhaka Attack Will 'Repeat and Repeat and Repeat' Until Sharia Goes Global

ISIS warned today of more attacks like the cafe assault in Bangladesh in a new video stating that the terror group’s method was “just a glimpse” of what’s to come.

The video opens with Fox News commentary from terrorism analyst Sebastian Gorka as news unfolded of the Friday attack on the Holey Artisan Bakery in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Gorka lists recent attacks linked to ISIS, adding, “The world is on fire.”

The ISIS video cuts to CNN coverage of the Russian Metrojet crash in the Sinai last Oct. 31, which the terror group previously said it took down with a bomb fashioned out of a soda can.

News footage is then rolled of the November ISIS attacks in Paris, the December attack in San Bernardino, the March Brussels bombings, last month’s Orlando nightclub shooting, and the Dhaka cafe siege.

Three jihadists speaking Bengali condemn democracy in the Muslim-majority country and emphasize the spread of the Islamic State there with the backdrop of a busy street at night. The video is labeled as being from Raqqa, the capital of the Islamic State.

One also delivers a message in English and refers to the Dhaka attack as “yesterday,” indicating the video was shot over the weekend.

“I want to send this message to the crusaders: to the Christians and the Jews and the crusaders and their allies. When our sheikh Adnani ordered us to fight and to fight against you, he did not mean it as a joke,” the ISIS member said, referring to their emir in Syria, Abu Mohammad al-Adnani, who has exhorted followers to attack Westerners by any means necessary wherever they may be.

“We are going to fight. In the end either we will win or we will get victory or we will get shahada – that is martyrdom. There is nothing to lose for us here, so this is a battle you can never win, and you will never win,” he continued.

“And what you witnessed in Bangladesh yesterday was just a glimpse – this will repeat and repeat and repeat until you lose and we win and the Sharia is established throughout the world. And you will never be able to stop it.”

An American citizen from Miami, Abinta Kabir, her Emory University classmate Faraaz Hossain, of Dhaka, and their friend Tarishi Jain, an Indian national who was studying at University of California at Berkeley, were among the 20 dead. Witnesses said Hossain was given the option to leave but chose to stay with his friends, who were singled out by gunmen for wearing Western clothes with uncovered hair.

Nine Italians and seven Japanese were also killed in ISIS’ quest to kill foreigners in the upscale cafe.

ISIS has been trying to muscle in on the turf of al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent, which has waged a bloody campaign of assassinations against writers and secularists in Bangladesh.

The ISIS terrorists in Dhaka, ranging from their late teens to early 20s, came from well-to-do families and received Western education, some at expensive private schools.

AQIS, which has criticized ISIS attacks in the past as too indiscriminate, issued a statement over the weekend calling for attacks in India: “Start Jihad with the strength which Allah has already granted you. Kill the senior officers of institutions and administrative departments that get [people to] start these riots. Target IAS, and IPS officers. Cause them financial losses.”

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