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ISIS Releases Kids' App That Lets Tots Blow Up Americans

ISIS has launched a new app for kids that teaches more than 40 prayers intermingled with attacks on coalition forces.

The colorful app was released today in Android and desktop versions, and distributed online. ISIS uploaded copies to Google Drive, among other file-sharing sites.

Upon opening the app, the home screen is an ISIS cityscape. Click on the buildings, the ISIS flag, the mosque or the sun, and a different Islamic nasheed plays. Click on the machine gun propped on the hill, and gunfire sounds. Click on the bus for a cute horn toot.

Within the app one finds cartoon-aided instruction for different types of prayers associated with meals, illness, weather, and that poor cute bus plowing into a tree. A child’s voice narrates each prayer.

But the first prayers listed are jihad-oriented.


One shows the ISIS flag along with a handful of rockets, a radio and a shovel aimed at a coalition of flags with the United States, Britain, Israel and Russia front and center.

Pressing the rocket launcher results in rocket fire that ignites the coalition flags as American-flagged tanks roll by. Interestingly, the U.S. flag is the only one that remains standing in the rocket-fire demolition. A separate, smaller rocket launcher must be pressed for fire to hit the U.S. camp.


Another shows the animated ISIS flag rising above a camp with tents, guns, a compass, a utility knife, binoculars, backpacks and the shovel. They get resupplied when the ubiquitous white ISIS pickup truck rolls up.


Yet another adds the sound of jets as military fighters buzz the ISIS camp. On this screen, kids are supposed to click on each plane as it whizzes past to make it explode.


And one prayer screen shows a trio of tanks emblazoned with American flags moving toward an ISIS encampment. Pressing the plunger of a detonator behind ISIS lines makes all three tanks explode at once. Pressing the gun results in bullets fired at the U.S. tanks.

In each of the different windows, the games cannot be played until the prayer recital is finished.

ISIS released a kids’ app last month to teach children the Arabic alphabet. Last year, they released an app for the adults that includes the latest ISIS news and recruitment information.