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ISIS Directive: 'At Least Spit' on Jews and Christians If You Can't Open Fire

An ISIS chapter that’s vying for ground against al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan joined the growing chorus of threats against the West in the wake of the June 12 Orlando terrorist attack.

And if would-be jihadists can’t find another weapon against Jews and Christians, they advise, use saliva.

Estimates of the number of districts in Afghanistan held by ISIS — the area they call Khorasan Province — have ranged from two to five over the past several months, as ISIS tries to poach Taliban and some Taliban have tried to return after defecting to ISIS. Estimates of the number of ISIS, according to U.S. military officials, hover around a few thousand but are difficult to nail down and constantly in flux.

The new video, titled “You Won’t Dream of Being Secure,” has considerably lower production values than films made in the Islamic State, with speakers standing in front of a greenery-covered rock wall.

An English-speaking jihadist who sounds like he could be a native speaker and whose face is covered except for his eyes warns that they will “give kuffar [disbelievers] a strong message — we won’t let you live in peace.”

“You killed our brothers, disrespected our sisters, you arrested our scholars in Iraq and Syria, Palestine, Chechnya, Bosnia, Kashmir, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Burma. Now, it’s your turn — we are marching toward your castles, and we will enter your homes, and we will take the revenge of our brothers. And we will make your life hell, just as we did in Paris and Brussels,” he says.

“As Allah says in the Quran… kill them as they kill you. Torture them as they tortured you. So bring your armies so we can slaughter them… and don’t ever think that you will be successful.”

He tells “all Muslim brothers and sisters” who are living in the lands of the disbelievers that “there’s no point in living a peaceful and luxurious life when you see Jews and Christians doing everything to your brothers and sisters.”

If Muslims believe Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is the caliph, he says, “then try your level-best to destroy kuffar.”

“By any means, slaughter them — hit them by your car, give them poison, stab them with a knife, punch them, or at least spit on them,” the terrorist advises.

Two other jihadis speak in other languages, with all subtitled in Arabic.

ISIS and the Taliban both claimed credit for a suicide bombing in Kabul early Monday morning that killed 14 Nepalese guards who worked for the Canadian embassy and were returning to a guesthouse after their overnight shift.

The Taliban took a dig at ISIS in another Monday IED blast at a bazaar in the Kishem district of Badakhshan province. Ten civilians, including five children, were killed; 36 others were injured, mostly children, according to the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan.

“Blast at intersection in Kishm district has nothing to do with Mujahideen, we condemn defaming aimless attacks,” tweeted Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid.