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As Battle for Fallujah Heats Up, ISIS Shows Grisly Executions of Civilians

As coalition forces give increased support to the Iraqi military as they try to retake Fallujah from ISIS, the terror group released a gory video subtitled in English warning anyone working against the Islamic State.

Lt. Gen. Charles Brown Jr., commander of the U.S. Air Forces Central Command, told reporter at the Pentagon via video link from Baghdad on Thursday that the U.S. has “increased the number of strikes in Fallujah in comparison to other areas in the campaign over the course of the past week,” working “side-by-side with the Iraqis to identify the particular targets we’re going to strike dynamically in coordination with the Iraqis as the Iraqi forces move.”

Brown noted that the coalition hasn’t seen “great movement of civilians out of the city at this one.”

Arshad al-Salihi, head of the Iraqi parliament’s human rights committee, told Anadolu Agency that many civilians had been killed in the fighting as “people are stuck between Daesh and the Iraqi army’s airstrikes.”

The highly produced ISIS video released today was titled “No Escape.”

The terror group uses multiple camera angles and even espionage re-enactments to capture a series of gory executions of men accused of working with the U.S.-Iraqi coalition.

“Even if those who sold their religion — spies, traitors — try to hide in the land of the Caliphate, and make their real colors brighter, like the chameleon does, a day will come when Allah will expose them and reveal their filthy bad deeds. While the brave Caliphate soldiers fought the most powerful forces on Earth defending the land of Islam and protecting the people of Sunnah, there were traitors who accepted to be ridden by these oppressive forces, stabbing poison into the backs of the people of Sunnah,” the video states. “They became sources of intelligence for the apostates and their masters, showing them the Muslims’ weak spots and guiding them to the mujahidin’s locations, all in exchange for scraps falling from the tables of the wretched.”

At this point, American dollar bills are shown floating to the ground.

“They thought that the swords of truth would not reach their necks and that the fire of explosions would not burn their bodies. So they spread corruption on Earth and suppressed the souls of Muslims. But it is too late for them.”

The video cuts to jihadis in full gear rolling up in a black Kia Sorento to a site filled with rubble. They lift the tailgate and pull out two prisoners clad in orange jumpsuits. They show their “confessions” interrogation-style, with an unseen voice asking questions as they each sit handcuffed at a table.

The men, who describe feeding information about ISIS’ movements, weapons and vehicles to Iraqi officials and sheikhs, are shot in the head.

Another confesses talking to his brothers, who are Iraqi policemen, about the jihadists’ death and injury reports at the local hospital. He describes snapping pictures of the ISIS doctors on a Galaxy phone and sending them to his brothers.

This prisoner is marched to an empty lot, where a blue cord is wrapped several times around his neck and attached to a detonator. The explosion instantly blows off the victim’s head.

The prisoners are forced to star in their own re-enactments, showing them furtively conveying information over a phone or lurking near ISIS positions.

Two more men are killed via shots to the head, and another who confesses to giving a policeman information about ISIS’ Sharia training center and a school next door housing “anti-aircraft weapons” is viciously beheaded.

“The hearts of America and its allies were broken when some rotten heads of some agents, spies and apostates were cut off by the Islamic State,” a narrator declares before rounding out the video with more confessions and murders.